TW. The Purple Menace

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Level 01 5 Points

Level 01 completed

Level 02 5 Points

Level 02 completed

Level 03 5 Points

Level 03 completed

Level 04 5 Points

Level 04 completed

Level 05 10 Points

Level 05 completed

Level 06 10 Points

Level 06 completed

Level 07 10 Points

Level 07 completed

Level 08 10 Points

Level 08 completed

Level 09 10 Points

Level 09 completed

Level 10 10 Points

Level 10 completed

Level 11 25 Points

Level 11 completed

Level 12 25 Points

Level 12 completed

Level 13 25 Points

Level 13 completed

Level 14 25 Points

Level 14 completed

Level 15 25 Points

Level 15 completed

Level 16 50 Points

Level 16 completed

Level 17 50 Points

Level 17 completed

Level 18 50 Points

Level 18 completed

Level 19 50 Points

Level 19 completed

Level 20 50 Points

Level 20 completed

Author Comments

The microbes continue attacking! Now you'll have to face purple microbes, which are twice as clever than other alien microbes and they are very decisive to invade the Green World. Enjoy new levels of this exciting game and try to prevent alien microbes' invasion!

* 20 New Levels
* New Purple Microbs
* Level Editor
* 250+ Shared Levels.


Pretty good

Seems exactly like the first game, except with different levels and editor. I took a couple points for advertising "shared levels" which apparently aren't in the flash, but on a different site.

problem! other than that its the bomb!

i have a problem i have beat the game and it did not give me all the medals. It gave me 14 through 20. please help me. If you go look at my medals you will see i have the last 6. I still gave the game a 10 i love it and the first one. beat it to. hope to see more of these games they are the best. all and all fix the medals or whatever the problem is and its the best game ever. i reset my cookie and cleared everything i could so it not the computer with the medals sorry.

Almost 10 stars but...

...I sort of thought that 'purple menace' might have a more edgy, exciting, and mature meaning. Thanks for letting me down.

Good job

This is a cool game with a proffesional look. Some tips:
1. I can't unlock level 1 as medal. I completed level 1 for 10 times or something but it doesn't unlock the medal. All other levels works fine.
2. The levels are a bit too easy.


this game is ok i can beet it esye

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Credits & Info

4.45 / 5.00

Mar 14, 2011
6:47 AM EDT
Strategy - Other