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18+ Adults Only!

Hail to thee, Sexy Adventurer! Aching Dreams 2nd Session is a Hentai Fantasy based Dating Sim.
All of the art is completely original, with loads of hard work invested in the story and characters.

Travel to Ancient Serenia, date the women, train your stats at the guild hall, and buy new weapons at the shop. Immerse yourself in a five hour plot heavy game!

The success of Aching Dreams 1 has prompted us to make a pay for sequel. AD2 is NOT a free flash game, but there's a lot of free stuff to enjoy! Jeanne's story is free. You can buy the rest of the game for 10$.

AD3 is released. Check it out at hentaicook.com


the first one is alot better sorry, it just is . Maybe I need to look into the full version to appreciate this game more

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hentaicook responds:

I don't think so. The first game is a lot shorter than this game, and there's a lot of animations in this game. The art in the first game is really old, because I'm still improving as an artist.

Overall, the vision for Aching Dreams as a series remains the same: To deliver an erotic fiction adventure game with a real story in it.

You are welcome to your opinion on which game you like better. If you like the games as a series or as a whole, then it's my hope that you'll support us in making future games. Just play them!

love your game, (realy realy realy wish it wasnt a demo)

Want to know: where can we see progress on AD3 (if you still work on it)

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hentaicook responds:

I'm still working on it. Just check us out at hentaicook.com every few months.

How do get the complete story for Carmen? I tried but I only got to the first story

Got to say I enjoy a good indy game when I see one. I'd gladly pay for a full version if I could do so, as I'm sure I'd get at least another couple of hours of play out of it. (And when you compare that with movie prices these days, $10.00 is a cheap price to pay for 3 or more hours of entertainment)

My main questions are, who is your writer, and will the storyline at the beginning (With Jessica) Ever be fully fleshed out?

Also, if you're ever looking for voice talent, shoot me a PM. I'd be willing to do some pro-bono to help an aspiring game creator out, especially now that I've got a decent set up.

hentaicook responds:

I wrote 90% of it, but you can look at the writing credits at hentaicook.com. Jessica's story is included in the game already. You basically get to go back to the present, but it's not in the demo. Sorry, I'm not looking for a male voice actor. While the next game in the series will have a male voice, the voice has already been determined.

Thanks for playing.

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4.48 / 5.00

Mar 13, 2011
10:47 PM EDT
Simulation - Dating