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18+ Adults Only!

Hail to thee, Sexy Adventurer! Aching Dreams 2nd Session is a Hentai Fantasy based Dating Sim.
All of the art is completely original, with loads of hard work invested in the story and characters.

Travel to Ancient Serenia, date the women, train your stats at the guild hall, and buy new weapons at the shop. Immerse yourself in a five hour plot heavy game!

The success of Aching Dreams 1 has prompted us to make a pay for sequel. AD2 is NOT a free flash game, but there's a lot of free stuff to enjoy! Jeanne's story is free. You can buy the rest of the game for 10$.

AD3 is released. Check it out at hentaicook.com

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was amazing when it still worked. would have loved to buy the full thing back in its day

Now this takes me back.

I want to play this game. I want to buy it. I came back after six years to finally do that. But, the game no longer works. I cannot download it as it hosts data externally on hentaicook, and that page has been taken down by the webmaster. So, I cannot play it, and this game has been lost to time.

Five stars for the memory of what it used to be, but zero stars for what it is now - unloadable and unplayable. 2.5 star average.

Damn, man, I really wanted to play this game. The writing was superb.

As others have said, it's been 6 years... OVER HALF A DECADE! And 90 of the game is still locked behind a pay wall? What is the point??? I highly doubt this game gets all that much attention anymore because of how old it is. What is the point of keeping it all behind a pay wall still? It speaks to me of greed personally. I believe that game developers, even flash game developers, deserve to get paid, of course. But locking it all behind a pay wall is the worst business model I've seen.

You'd be much better off starting a patreon. At least that way you'd piss off a lot less people.

Sorry but locking the game behind a paywall and thus killing the game is just plain greedy I have to agree with the other's here, another user said that it has been six years, yeah I'm not willing to pay either this is at best a demo and you're LYING to everyone when you say "But there's a lot of free stuff to enjoy." No there isn't, if there was then MAYBE I'd be willing to throw five (At the most) to you but with so little to it and locking most out of it with your paywall, that's just wrong, seriously you're as bad as EA.