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The idea behind the game is that the player must be colored with the appropriate color to take the various keys in the levels.
The first levels are simple and allow the player to become familiar with the controls and game-play, then the difficulty of the game increases and introduces new game-play modes, such as the mixing of colors as well as greater difficulty in understanding the solution of the level. The game also requires some skill to play, to perform accurate and synchronized jumps.

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so many colors. i loved the colors. i hate get killed by those stupid spikes. you did an awesome job though

Good, but a little frustrating.

I love the color-matching idea! The graphics and sound are neutral, IMHO--they don't add much to the game, but they get the job done. The detractor for me was the timing. The jumps just seem a little off, and the disappearing platforms disappear too quickly. Good job overall.


The game idea is really good. The thing that is holding this game back are the graphics. I must admit I was put off by the graphics, but since I had absolutely nothing else to do, I kept on playing and I'm glad I did but I think many ppl will not give you that chance. The puzzles were good, especially the final level (20) had me thinking for a while how to solve it but I did solve and it was a good feeling.

The collision detecting was a bit iffy especially when you jumped on the corners, but I think I would have died many times if the corners didn't bug out a little and allow me to jump again :).

Overall it's a good game and I hope people give it a chance despite its graphics not being so good. Good job.


quite a good game :D i could not do round 14 though lol

Decent idea

Cool little idea and having played through the 20 levels, I can see that a bit of thought actually went into the color mechanic. Graphics and sound are alright but the main thing that holds this game back is the lackluster platforming. You need to fine tune some of your constants. The megaman style jumps are fine but you need to lengthen the timing on the platforms slightly and the hit detection needs to be a little more solid.

Anyway, good effort.

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4.33 / 5.00

Mar 13, 2011
6:41 PM EDT
Action - Platformer - Puzzle