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Ultimate Gun Rage

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Author Comments

Hello, and welcome to my first Game submission. Taken me around 5 months to complete, though have been on and off. I hope you enjoy it :)

Game Description:
See how far you can get shooting different waves of enemies to stop them from killing you! What level can you get to, what are you waiting for?

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Good for a first attempt!

It is good to see that the movement problem has been sorted out as it has been an issue throughout the production of the game as you know I know :P

Like the range of enemies and general gameplay, however, I think that graphically, it could do with some improvement and perhaps enemies that can attack with more power than walking into you.

Mayeb also consider the fact that when helicopters get shot down... they don't tend to bleed :L

Good all-rounder so far mate! :D

Good for a first game

Needs work, though. Especially when it freezing up for just a second while moving around with the keyboard. Seems like you can only go off into one direction at a time, not diagnally. The movement right now reminds me of the "Rook" piece in Chess.

1Kingfire1 responds:

Thanks for the review, I have improved the keyboard movement and you now move more like a Queen :) .

it needs a lot of work

you really nee to work on it

Not bad, but needs work

Quite good considering this is your first game. However...

1. The gameplay is a little repetitive. Although you have a variety of enemies,
the only form of A.I. I saw was: step towards the player and attack by touching him.
Perhaps make the playing field a little larger and have enemies that shoot at the player.

2. The armoury:
I like the idea of being able to purchase/upgrade weapons at the end of each level.
However as ammo needs to be replenished, it would be nice if you gave some indication of how much of it the player had in his inventory

3. The controls:
The character freezes when you try and make him walk diagonally.
I know a work around to this issue (as someone who's also made a top down shooter before).

If you're using Actionscript 3.0 here's a simplified version (I hope you can see it properly):
//First create an array corresponding to which keys are down
//E.g. the keycode for enter is 13
//If keyDownArray[13]==true
//it tells the program that the enter key is down.
var keyDownArray:Array=new Array(300);
//Every time a key is pressed
function checkKeysDown(event:KeyboardEvent):vo id{
//Set the corresponding array element to true
keyDownArray[event.keyCode] = true;
//Every time the key is released
function checkKeysUp(event:KeyboardEvent):void {
//Set the corresponding array element to false
keyDownArray[event.keyCode] = false;
//Add in the event listeners
KEY_DOWN, checkKeysDown);
KEY_UP, checkKeysUp);

For example to check the up and right key are pressed at the same time
if(keyDownArray[38]==true && keyDownArray[39]==true)
//Move Player North East

I hope I've given you some helpful advice.
Good luck! from a member of the:

[review request club]
(I suggest posting there to get more feedback for your games)


It could use different enemies. I can't even tell what half of them are.

Credits & Info

2.78 / 5.00

Mar 13, 2011
3:31 PM EDT