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Swarm Striker

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It's a fairly simple vertical shooter, in my eyes it's a mix of Raiden and Solar Striker (An old Gameboy Game, which accounts for the art style). I originally started on just the graphics to improve my spriting abilities by using a limited color count, 4 in this case (Not counting enemy bullets). It worked out quite well in that regard.

The game has one fully working level (I had more, but lost them in an earlier saving error) with a basic boss that has multiple forms on higher difficulties. There's ~13 different enemy types, most having slightly different routines depending on difficulty. The game only has one weapon type, but it can be upgraded 3 times (P Capsules).

Shift - Fire
Enter - Title Screen Menu
Arrows - Move ship

1,2,3 - Change difficulty (In game)
Pretty sure the + and - keys switch bonus ships (There's only one I think) which have their own firing patterns. (Only do this once for right now!)

Forgot to mention this! If you hold the fire button, you won't fire as fast as if you "pulse" it. Press the fire button, let it shoot; let go of the button. Trust me, you'll fire a lot faster if you do this.

Provided I can sort through this MMF2->Flash transition, I should update this game within the month.

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Nice retro feel

I liked your game didn't have any problems for me, looking forward to some updates, like more levels ;D. I would agree that you could do with some music and maybe the addition of a replay function. Also can you actually lose?

Shabadage responds:

No, you cannot lose XD. I modified the game so my young son could play without worry of getting a Game Over. The lives actually go negative if you die a bunch.

Thanks for the rating and the comments!

pulsing shift breaks the game

I'll give it a ranking on how I played it (holding shift). Your "tip" of pulsing the shift button locks it and makes it so you can't shoot.

Shabadage responds:

I apologize for the sticky shift. I myself did not encounter this problem, and judging from other posters, it seems to be randomly happening to some people. I will update the controls to use "Z".

I suspect the export from MMF2 may have a few kinks that I still need to learn. This was an older project that I just exported quickly to test the flash functionality.

Thank you for the feedback, it is very much appreciated!


I'm sure this would have been a fun game, if I could actually shoot anything!

The only thing that works is the movement. I can't fire, and I can't open the menu.

Please go back to your fla file, fix these errors, and maybe add some music and/or sound effects. Then you will have a good working game.

Shabadage responds:

I'm sorry the controls did not work for you. I will attempt to figure out what the problem is. Unfortunately, this was not made in Flash, but exported from Multimedia Fusion 2; so I suspect there are a few kinks in the export pipeline.

The controls work fine for me on all 3 of my PC's, so I am unable to replicate the problem. I will change the controls in an update; hopefully that will solve the problem.

Thank you for your input!

Too boring for being a remake...

Liked the game, the fact is that a remake is like a revamp from the old game( this means better graphics, sound, etc...) which is kinda miss leading (because of hes title).

I can see the love you have for this game.

I will let this one pass, because is quiet fun(too quiet maybe XD).

Shabadage responds:

I have to say that I am unable to understand your comments. This game is not a remake nor a revamp, it was a short project that I used to improve my spriting abilities.

Unfortunately, the original MIDI music was not able to be carried over through the Flash export process.

Thank you for your kind comments! I do appreciate it!


make something better

Shabadage responds:

Make your comments better.

Credits & Info

1.83 / 5.00

Mar 13, 2011
1:00 AM EST