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cow-a-bunga (beta)

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Author Comments

me and a fellow newgrounder worked on this game a while back as you can see by the title its in beta
due to some unfortunate happenings my collaborationist has quit flash and i have lost my flash cs4 copy so neither of us can finish it with adds sound or any kind of polish

some tips when you start off to spend the cash you earn click the store button at the bottom right hand corner of the screen to exit that menu click the same store button again if you click the store button at the top left hand corner of the store screen you can buy many different clothes and things for your cow but for example if you want a new cape you must but the cape upgrade first

please keep criticism as less harsh as possible comments welcome, faveroute if you like it if not sorry for your time but please have fun

all the best ¬ huw

wont let me add him as an author but coding is by user "squidgie"

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Needs some clarity

It's a good experience for the most part, but if you do manage to get the necessary tools to fix it, I would suggest adding things like the meter for the catapult, and perhaps some icons for how many rocket boosts you have left. I managed to buy every upgrade within three tries, and the items in the store are a nice touch but perhaps have them actually do something? Oh, and perhaps after each try, a screen stating how far away you were from your objective would be nice.

Again, it's a solid game and quite playable, but you could make it even more, and I hope you get the chance.

neverzonegaming responds:

if ever i get flash back i will do my best to impliment all those things origionaly there was alot more planned different mods like a hell mode with new background and enimys and only hazards, leaderboards and tons of upgrades and add ons but we didnt get round to it, thank you for the possitive feedback anyway :)

¬ huw

Not bad

Not a bad game. It kind of gave me the same feel of another game I played that was similar. My only suggestions are to add music, include more stuff in the store, and make items a tad more expensive. I did experience a few glitches, but they didn't really break the game in any way.

neverzonegaming responds:

yeah the flash heavyweight game "kitty cannon" that to this day gets 1000s of plays hourly was a big inspiration i was planning on having a one armed bandit to spend your coins in too but we couldent finish we also had ideas to put in colour changes for the cow new characters and mini games :/ thanks for the review anyways :)

¬ huw

just like toss the turtle..but still fun.

this game is fun but it needs more... i like the store and the items in it. you may whant to add achievments later on but so far you guys have a good game.

ps who coded your game? because i need some help with one of my games..

neverzonegaming responds:

thanks mate long time no speak :) anyway we ever kickstart it up again and i get flash back we will definately submit it for achivements the coder "squidgie" had some personal problems and stoped the game last year since then hes not made anything on flash so i doubt he would get into a project anytime soon :/

anyway nice to speak to you jam :) ¬ huw

I love these games

But, if I had to make a few changes they would be :
1) Launching a cow should be a little more powerful, and maybe have a meter that represents trajectory!
2) I love the little character's input at the bottom KEEP THAT SHIT! Especially the one about the moon only being 300 ft above the earth (not really a change, but I liked it)
3) Of course sound and music, gotta have sound and music
4) I uh, actually can't think of much more, but hopefully you will build upon this. In all other ways this game was excellent!

Much Clown Luv

neverzonegaming responds:

thanks for the great feedback there was planned to be a comic book type thing in the game too with a better explination :P thanks and perhaps it will get added one day

¬ huw

Credits & Info

3.88 / 5.00

Mar 12, 2011
6:24 PM EST
Skill - Toss