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After months of hiatus I decided to work on a drawing style that I would be comfortable with, especially in animation. By entering an OCT I can start practicing animation.

I went back and fixed the audio issues. Now everything is on 'stream', everything is compressed (smaller file size now), and I fixed the preloader code a bit. Things should run smoothly now.

I'm changing the actual title of the series because frankly the title "Original Character Tournament" is too general. There are many other OCTs on the internet and this is just another of them.

The new title is called, "Dareva's Last Will OCT" because that is the name of the OCT. However I can't change the actual title in the Newgrounds submission details so it will still appear as OCT.



you said you have bad sound. well it took me a year just to figure out how to fix it. (and I don't know why!) to fix the sound, you simply, go to file, then go to publish settings, go to flash, then look at audio stream/audio event, go to set, put it on 80kbp then take off convert to stereo to mono. hope this was useful. keep up the good work!

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AnDrew19787 responds:

Thank you! I was already aware of these little settings but I didn't know what kbps to choose before. I will use this for future animations :)


Original characters but uses anime references. Ha. However the animation seems to be lagging from the audio. You could probably fix this if you switch the audio sync to 'stream' depending on what version of flash you have (8 or higher). The art is great, the animating is not much but little and the story is interesting. On the other hand, that girl character doesn't talk but shows facial expressions of what she's responding to. I think it'll be best to keep her silent and continue with the facial expressions. You probably should add some physical acting to. They don't call it acting for nothing. I would love to see more and to be honest, you got me hooked and would like to see what happens next. Great job on the work and good luck in the tourney.

AnDrew19787 responds:

I've had a lot of issues with audio but it seems fine on my computer. If I set it to stream the quality would sound terrible for me. I found though that if you scroll the page up or down while the animation is playing the audio will tend to go off-sync. Sometimes it syncs a little differently each time you play it too (like getting punched in the face in time to the beat or not).

And yes, I'm adding more physical acting to my next animation already. Thank you for the review!


It takes forever to load but besides that it was good

Nice job

Funny and awesome animation!

Nice movie

This was a nice movie. the punch to the face, and the kick to the croch, really made me laugh. I look forward to see the end of this adventure.

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4.17 / 5.00

Mar 12, 2011
5:53 PM EST
Comedy - Original