MOTHER 3 Finale (spoiler)

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Hey guys it's Lulu! I've done another animation! And it's not like the three crappy ones I did before. I actually put some EFFORT into this one.

WARNING: If you are in the middle of Mother 3 and do NOT want the ending spoiled for you, DO NOT WATCH THIS. MAJOR SPOILARAMA HERE!!!

This is one of the saddest scenes in the game. Here, before Lucas pulls the final Needle, the Masked Man reveals his true identity...

Little known facts:
-I did all the voices, but humiliated myself doing Duster's line.
-It took me around 4 takes just to have Lucas say ONE WORD.
-Yes, I actually did cry while doing Claus's voice. Rather convenient.
-Flint's character looks AWFUL the way I drew it!!!

For those of you who can't understand the dialogue, I'm putting it in the author's comments below-

Lucas: CLAUS!!!

Claus: I'm sorry it turned out like this... I'm really happy you could be with me just before the end... thanks. Dad... I'm sorry I didn't listen to you. I'm going... to where Mom is now. Lucas... I hope we meet again someday... bye... thank you... I'm sorry... I'm sure we'll meet again... (breath)

Duster: This is the first time I've ever seen you cry, Kumatora. You're really cute, now that I look.

If you're an Earthbound hater, you can go screw yourself. This is obviously the best video game ever in the history of the universe.

I do NOT own Mother/ Earthbound! The series belongs to SHIGESATO ITOI and Nintendo, neither of which I own anyway. I am just a die-hard fan! Please don't sue me... I'm just a kid. :(

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awwww :'(

you made the cast look like tards i love this series you fucked it up

why do people hate your animating


eithmableura12 responds:

Thank you! This is one of my best animations in my opinion. I really liked how it came out. I like that vibrating effect that I constantly put in...

Sad ending

This pretty much captures the moment, sadly I think it should have been longer and shown Claus taking off the Masked Man mask. That had to be the saddest ending of the trilogy as his brother had to commit suicide to save the Island from what Pokey wished to do.

The animating was great actually. The voice acting was sound too. Although a background image would have been nice but I guess it is OK if it is missing for now.

Overall, excellent job.

eithmableura12 responds:

Thanks, I guess it's still in progress, then. In the game, that's actually what it looks like when Claus takes off his mask, he just sort of fades to black, and the Claus sprite appears out of nowhere...
and I was kinda lazy about animating that bit.

Drawings pretty good audio Ahhh

I really was hoping for better audio. You need to filter your audio with audacities audio filter a free program that could improve this 100%.

eithmableura12 responds:

Actually I had pretty good audio. I think the music in the background was too fuzzy because I had to record it off YouTube cause I couldn't find a downloadable file...

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Mar 12, 2011
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