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Arcane Aura 2

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Author Comments

Arcane Aura 2
My second flash submission, made on the NG/clickteams The Games Factory 2

I accomplished what I wanted to do with this, I wanted to get as much as I could out of as little as I could.
My first NG submission was CPU heavy, and 18 MB when I first rendered it, I cut it down to 1/9th that.:3

Twisted didn't help with this one cuz she was at school while I made this, I sat alone at her house, and decided to make this, I made it in under 24 hours. This is my third attempt at a game, My 2nd one is still a work in progress.

Seems it's difficult/confusing for some here's a vid of me beating it using the correct/best path, it's as close to a no hit run as I think it can get with the bullet storm at the beginning and all:
http://www.youtube.com/wa tch?v=LcNPeMMMVPk (remove the space)
^that's how it's meant to be done.

I'd like to thank Kilobyte and cornmancer and anyone else on UG I didn't see or get too for playing it before I uploaded it.

Notable glitches I've found:
Try not to get hung up on platforms, if you do, you weren't gonna make it on anyway most likely. Jump on top, not into it.
Oh and if you jump be sure to move before shooting, if you jump up and down, the bullets will shoots towards the ground, I haven't been able to fix this yet, it's cuz the bullets are to be fired based on the direction of the player. So just keep moving left/right and you should be fine.

Feed back's helped a lot, I'm still learning, but I've made serious improvement, it runs a million times better then my last submission, and is just plain funner.
Any/all feedback/comments are welcome and greatly appreciated:]

Edit: Added more music, all rewrites of songs I made and have submitted to NG.
Thinking about adding a hard mode. It's now at 3.1 MB

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Not as good as the first...

It's got more glitches than the first. And I think that you should have the level should loop through a cycle to make it a little bit easier. Don't worry though, I just downloaded the Games Factory 2 myself. I haven't looked at it yet but I might create a game like this once I complete the tutorial, so I can't give you any tips right now. But all I can do, is have some suggestions.

1. Make the character stunned for about half a second when you touch a bomb.
2. Have the bullets still shoot left to right even after jumping.
3. You should make an Arcane Aura trilogy. Having the 1st and the 2nd game combined but with more levels and maybe a story to it.

Other than that, this game isn't that bad

Daydream-Anatomy responds:

Thank you for the review, notes taken.=3

Could of been better

Fix the gliches and a instructions screen would help. OH and a basic story idea.

Daydream-Anatomy responds:

The menu sorta covers that:s

and I put a link to me beating it, that should cover instructions,

but noted,
thanks for the review.:3

needs some work

could have been a fun game, but I have no clue how to destroy that train ( I think)
in fact I don't even know if that is the goal XD.
also found some bugs:
- in the beginning of the game there's a piece of background were you can run over, and sometimes get stuck in.
- some explanation about those skulls would be great, because are they doing anything at all?
that's all for now (cus I couldn't get much farther XD)

Daydream-Anatomy responds:

Rabbit is a drug addict/treasure thief/ Lovable lucky screw up.
He wanted drugs, and he happened to come across a drug company that's had nefarious intent. My last game he stole some treasure, ran from cops, the treasure was cursed and summoned a phoenix etc.

You can kill the boss, he has a health bar on the top of the screen, it's the green one dude. In fact besides the bullets that's hit you no matter what in the beginning, It's possible to beat it without taking any damage. But you gotta be on your toes, and start shooting him at every oppurtunity.

If you make it to the end of the level it'll just kill you, by hitting you, or you hit the spikes.

When you win you get the "Congratulations you won" screen.

Thanks for the review.

Credits & Info

1.02 / 5.00

Mar 11, 2011
8:23 PM EST