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Gravity Boy!

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Author Comments

Manipulate gravity in my new physics, puzzle platform game!


-Gravity changes effect everything including boxes and enemies. Use this to your advantage.

-Use less gravity shifts to get more stars.

-If you enter gravity limbo but decide not to change direction you will not spend a gravity shift. Don't be afraid to hit space a few times until you line up with the spot you wanted.

-The background stops in gravity limbo.

-Press down to duck. Use this to make G-Boy dance or slide along the floor and look super cool.


This game is made by me (Gaz Thomas) and sponsored by FreeGames.org.

PLEASE REVIEW. I'd love to get some feedback about what I can do better :)



Although this game concept isn't exactly origional since there are numerous games like shift and such similar to this out there, it at least wasn't a blatant copy so its acceptable. Though you might want to try making more unique things, the gravity shifting for platformers has gotten extremely old/overused by now.

On the gameplay itself it was fine, although nothing was really difficult until the time trials... I think the problem is that the controls aren't fluid/quick enough for you to be able to do levels in that crazily short amount of time. Its also incredibly anoying that I'm unable to play any other levels because I can't pass a time trial thats actually really difficult and possibly boarderline impossible seeing from the other comments on here also complaining about that.

All in all I think the time trials was what really broke you here. The game could have ended up semi-decent (Although it still would pretty much be a clone of a great other amount of platformer games) but the time trials end up making the majority of the game unable to play by people, and I don't think many would go through such difficult trials just to play a few extra levels of a pretty generic game.

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TheGameHomepage responds:

Thanks for the feedback. I think you're probably right that I messed up forcing players to do speed runs to progress the game. It's a challenge I enjoyed but I can see how other players would rather just play levels.

You guys know you don't need to beat them under the par time though right? If you take extra time you still beat them but just get a few less stars. Also there's a speed run walkthrough here:

http://freegames.org/gravity-boy-walk through/

Regarding the "cloned" gameplay believe it or not I coded this about 2 years ago (at the same time I made Box Clever). Back then there wasn't the plethora of gravity altering platformers there are now and certainly none with box2d physics. I got a bit fed up trying to fix some bugs and it ended up sitting in my "work in progress" folder until a couple of weeks ago when I decided to go finish some old projects.

Anyway, enough of my jibber jabber, thanks for the helpful review :)


i really love the design of gravityboy but the level design isn't very good, the idea isn't original and the grafics are mostly ugly (besides gravity boy)
also in a game controlled only with keybord it should be possible to continue to the next level without having to use the mouse

TheGameHomepage responds:

Thanks for the feedback. You can hit space or enter to go to the next level in the speed runs. On the main levels I thought it was better to use the mouse however so the player can choose which level to play depending on what they've unlocked.

Loved it!

Great game, the only reason it isnt a ten is because I couldnt get past level 10....it wouldnt let me go on the time trials or anything, and I had all the stars too. But besides that, Kudos :)

TheGameHomepage responds:

You should be able to play the first speed run. Just click on it!


im sorry but ive seen at least 20 other games exactly like this the art work was good so if you come up with more of an oraginal idea you might make a preety good game.

good game,

although i feel like im playing shift in its prototype time.

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Credits & Info

3.47 / 5.00

Mar 11, 2011
5:18 PM EST
Action - Platformer - Puzzle