Metal Slug S

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I was playing Metal Slug and decided to attempt a flash game similar to it. The result exists in a world where people can't crouch, aim weapons up or down, and sometimes get trapped in walls.

I set out to make a game, not a pretty game.


Ok, but could be improved...

The controls could be improved and there could be proper backgrounds. Also, it glitches up sometimes and you can't walk and you have to jump everywhere instead.

A disgrace

I'm gonna have to give this game 0 out of 10 because of the poor controls, bad sound and down right ugly graphics - I know it is supposed to a stickman-game and that is all fine and dandy until you added Metal Slug to the title.
If a person uses a name of a great series like Metal Slug which by many is thought to be one of the greatest side-scrolling shooters of all time and one of the most awesome-looking i might add, you kinda get the idea of a pretty polished product.

Even stick art can look awesome - mix it with some badass sfx and bgm and you're almost there.. now all you need is the most essential part - the gameplay.
In this game you could shoot in to directions?! come on! at least give us the option to shoot up (No heroine joke) for crying out loud!
I think I might have taken this flash game a bit to serious but I can't help it, My Metal Slug fan-boyism simply won't let this abominations go through without notice. One would think that you were a fan your self by the title of the game but after playing this the only thing that comes to mind is the anti-christ.

I'm sorry about my bad english and some of this might not even make sense but I kinda rushed it and I'm not gonna edit any of it in the spirit of Metal Slug S

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eh at best

glitchy...very glitchy

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isint good

cintrols mukt up

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not bad

good game but the controls are not in ther places

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3.09 / 5.00

Jul 9, 2002
10:23 PM EDT
Action - Shooter - Run 'n Gun
  • Daily Feature July 10, 2002