Doodle episode 6

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doodle will show you his buddys

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1 for voice and another 2

the 2 is about the graphics ar whatever they are called.

Oh my..

Can I just mention the plotholes? No? K. Doodle isn't on helium - his balls just haven't dropped yet. All his friends are assholes and treat him like shit; look at his worst friend! He says his name with glee. It has no relevance to the previous episode; fuck this because: A - Doodle should have lost an arm because he touched the plane propeller and maybe he should have died because you don't get a damned pilots license that quick. B - where did his plane go? He probably paid a lot for that he doesn't want to lose it. C - He joined a band and should be at gigs rather than explain his asshole friends.

Also; as the story progressed, Doodle up came more of a threat to the viewers with him having a progressing pitch increase.

In conclusion, a bang on 0. Learn to make Flash or something. I'm no artist either but I haven't even tried and made a better Flash then you (courtesy of Epic Duck).

Suggestions would be to make the voice sound normal (unless you're 8 or can't afford a good mic or don't know how to change the pitch making you look like a prick. If so, please stop production) and Flash have more motion and make Doodles surroundings more dynamic and not make him sticky thus the need to make longer episodes, and then, maybe, you could make this series better.

not good

The mic isn't good the voice itself was weird and the animation wasn't reallly cool.You got a 1 for adding sound unlike other flashes submitted today.


the only good thing about this flash is the ending music, which has nothing to do with the flash at all. I suggest you at least make the initial voice audible...

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Mar 10, 2011
4:43 PM EST
Comedy - Original