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Tycoon Of Toys

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'Tycoon Of Toys', is a business simulation game.
To become the tycoon you need to play strategically. At start you will have a few resources and money and later on you can earn more money and buy resources.You will find more interesting things in this game. It is a unique simulation where you can make advertisements, hire helpers and do so many things.......

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Game kept playing up and was kind of repetitive and boring.
2 Stars

Game Froze

My game kept freezing on lvl 12. I even tryed reloading it, but same thing happened. I finished finding the toys for customer and went to deliver after they put the money in the bucket the game froze, over and over..
Any suggestions?

4/5 7/10

Great Idea

It plays well, and can be fun. But there are a few flaws to it that hold back the game from becoming what it could be. First off, the "Order Complete" pop-up gets annoying after every order you finish. Just make one comunitive Order Complete at the end of each day. the helpers were nice, but completely useless untill you fully upgrade them. Which it took me about five or six days to figure out how to upgrade anything at all. I think that their should be a helper at each station, keep the two where they are now, and eventually make the whole game autonomous. I disliked that I couldn't leave the delivery desk while someone was coming to pickup/leave money, which also slowed the game down on top of the constant "Order Complete". I've also run into a bug at Day 13, I've just taken an order and now I can't click on anything.

Add in more upgrades, make the game look a little more prettyer and adjust the pices for upgrades a little (make them more expensive and increase how much money you make a little bit), make the customers start coming in faster and you've got yourself a hit game.

good and simple simulation game

I Liked the presentation and graphics.