Giant Lock Room Escape

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Author Comments

My first room escape game, I hope you like.



"Escape the Room" is one of my favorite genre. This one is good, but there is indeed flaw.

The main flaw, of course, is the pixel hunting.

"Escape the room" is basically "Point and click" with less adventure and more puzzle and smart thinking. The genre itself makes it poetic, even in a subliminal way - "To get outside you must think outside". That being said, as point and click gaming relies on pointing and clicking (what else?) then the experience is negatively affected as the difficulty to point (and, therefore, to click) is increased. The window note is the best example of this.

In short: It won't matter if the puzzles are good if most of the time the player has to search the right spots to click.

Speaking of: The puzzles were nice and got me stuck for a time. Nothing too hard though. When I saw the Rubik I shaked a bit, but thankfully it was not really needed to solve. And the ending made me crack!

Fourth wall was brought down without exxagerations too. Good thing. Other than all that, a good, above mediocre game.

What's to improve: Well, the basics, of course!
1- Minimize pixel hunting overall;
2- Multiple endings (even if only 1 alternative). Those are great and add replay value to the game.

Not sure.

Seems that it could be a good game, it's just that it was acting weird. It completed the game for me automatically. Not sure if it is my computer or the game, but the graphics were pretty good.


I did all the work needed to find the code, only to find the password is 0000000000003 I just wanted to yell "Sum'Bitc#" only to fall out laughing....Great Work :)

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could beat it... im stupid XD

Good but I got stuck.

I enjoyed it but got stuck, I found the screwdriver and screw, took the painting off the wall and revealed the safe. Got the remote from under the couch and turned on the TV and looked up to no avail, found the password behind the couch using the mirror. I even tried a brute force attack on the cabinet under the TV. When examining the 5 screws I even tried using their positions as some kind of clues for the safe. Nothing worked.

Clever but a walkthrough would be helpful!

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3.01 / 5.00

Mar 9, 2011
3:28 PM EST
Adventure - Point 'n Click