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MZtRPG - Unused Battle

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This was supposed to be one of the fights in mega zelby the rpg 4 however progress on that flash hasn't gone according to plan. Not sure if it'll ever actually get done and if i do decide to do it the animations and battle systems will be revamped to be better then what they are now. Anyway, this is a little demo of one of the battles i had made for MZtRPG 4. I figured i'd post it since i'm proud of how it turned out and i figured you'd all enjoy it.

So yea, enjoy! Hopefully i'll be able to submit more in the future.

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Too hard. Make the enemies HP 15,000 :(

It seems hard but somehow easy

really good. it would be a great fight for the game if you make it abit easier giving megaman's team more life and energy, or reducing a bit the lives of the bosses.
but anyway it was extremely good.

epic game man


I really enjoyed the battle system that you implemented here, especially the fact that you can no longer spam magics as you could in previous installments (Megamans defense-up/Zeros defense break are prime examples). I also really liked the fact that we are now in control of a full team, complete with healer striker and support.

Now as for the difficulty I found it perfect, despite the other reviews saying its too difficult, I ended up beating the battle using only E and W tanks after the 3rd playthrough. Though seeing as theres such an uproar about the difficulty Id recommend keeping it as it is only for "boss battles" and leaving the previous difficulty (if not a little higher) for the rest of the fights.

As for the orb system, I just have to say Im in love with it. It limits you enough not to win in a few seconds and also limits your healing abilities, so you have to keep a constant watch on how many orbs you have (which wasnt well welcomed by many, it seems). The only thing I felt was off is that defending doesnt give you any orbs. I would recommend making it only give you 1, instead of the normal 2 you would get with a normal timed attack.

Overall great system and excellent enemies to show it off.
On a side note, a little tip to make the battle easier: Keep your team on constant dual boost (use Bass x Megaman ability) and try to only use magic when in need of healing (Megaman) and buffs (Bass).

Its also worth mentioning that Zeros Power Slam ability is a bit OP, dealing around 5000 damage when it hits, which isnt that low. Id suggest making it 20-40% chance of hitting or decreasing the damage, but while its out there you can exploit it to get an easier win by focusing on only 1 enemy (I recommend Mr Pony, since he has an attack that deals damage to the whole party and he also has less HP).