Star Splash

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Novice Dolphin 5 Points

Level 7 completed

Swims Like a Fish 25 Points

Level 14 completed

Master Acrobat 50 Points

Level 21 completed

Author Comments

*UPDATE* We added NG medals!

Swim through the seas and perform top-notch acrobatics in this action-skill game vaguely inspired by the classic Circus Charlie.

In "Star Splash" you must do all sorts of well timed, precise moves to collect stars. As the levels become harder you must combine many moves and anticipate what's coming next.

- 21 levels
- 3 zones (easy, medium, advanced) each taking place in a different scenery
- 8 different moves (some of them are combinations)

- Use the ARROW KEYS to swim around in the water. When you go up to the surface you will automatically jump.
- Once in the air, you can do many moves like the: double-jump (press "UP"), dash (press "RIGHT"), dive (press "DOWN") and others that you will learn on the way.
- Use your sonar wave by pressing "SPACE BAR" to catch the special stars.
- Press the "Q" key to toggle quality


Developed by: Snails Animation (www.snailsanimation.com)
Music by NG users: Yeajimmiboi, Unknowngoth, Jonah-B


Good, but flawed here and there.

It's interesting and fun early on but it quickly gets annoying and frustrating abit later on. The jellyfishs were kinda annoying since jumping will cause you to lose all your momentum with the same thing as dashing aswell as dashing messing me up occasionally. I also didn't like the almost-perfection it requires to clear a trail of stars. Also, a "restart" button would be nice too.

You'll get a 3/5 and a 6/10 for now.

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It was ok until the jelly fish,fail syn,

holy shat

I just totally recognized my own song :D

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Star Splash

Wow, can someone say unoriginal?

This is just like 'Ecco The Dophin' from Sega Genesis, except you don't have as much as options like you do in 'Ecco The Dophin', in 'Star Splash' you just swim near the top of the water, and the graphics on here is a bit better and bubbly, and it uses the same Dophin call effect where it comes out like a pattern and wave.

In 'Ecco The Dophin', you get to swim through the entire ocean, and do some other things.

5/10 = For being unoriginal.
2/5 = Nothing too new, or interesting.

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It's OK.

It's a good game but it would be better if it weren't for the fact that somehow there wasn't any text on the buttons, so after I failed the second level of the third tier of levels, I clicked a button and it took me to the highscore page and it reset the game progress.

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Credits & Info

4.40 / 5.00

Mar 8, 2011
6:47 PM EST
Skill - Collect