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Welcome to Defencearth.
Recently the Alien is invading the Earth.
We have to defence it using our tanks machine.
Just like a common Tower Defence game,
this game is work similar way.
The Alien will be walk from S point to E point.
Control using mouse.
Choose/buy your tanks and put it in the map to stop the alien.

please vote for me!

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Loved it!

Your game was good...

But it's true it have bad points also... The game is quite long (not good-long), like the last level... I placed 5 red tanks at start and had to wait for all enemies to shown up....

A speed button would have been welcomed.
Also music button could have been easier to spot.

Overall, thanks for making this game


I love the pixelation. The music makes me feel like a five year old, unfortunately, so does the game play.... power ups add complexity. Id love to see the same game with power ups.


very simple and fun game.
A tad too easy though O:
I easily beat lvl 10 with a spare of around $1500 dollars left and half of my troops didn't even get to attack xD
You should make like the last 100 enemies super enemies that comes nonstop,
and a final boss enemy with like 10,000 hp or something :P
Music was really chill, but got too repetitive and a tiny bit boring, Maybe you could of input a few more tracks, and make a audio menu to allow the player to select from a variety of tracks !

Keep up the good work :)

Just another defense game :/

Anyone can make a "Tower Defense" game, even South Park did. You need to make yours special! Hmmm... what ideas could I throw you... I haven't seen a 3-D Tower Defense game yet anywhere. I noticed that anything just off the path other than the tanks are just wasted space, why not make something of it? You have a working game and its common "just plain" fun, but until there's individuality, inspiration or something special your game has to offer, its just another game.

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4.28 / 5.00

Mar 8, 2011
6:38 PM EST
Strategy - Tower Defense