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The Invisible Trousers

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(Full title: The Man with the Invisible Trousers)

Have you ever wondered what it's like to fight a bear? Well, prepare to keep wondering, because this game has nothing to do with bear fights!

You are part of an elite detective team, but when your boss is murdered, who can you trust? I mean, Jenny wouldn't kill him, would she? Or Alistair? Perhaps it was Lily? Or maybe it was YOU!

The only way to find out is to put your detective skills to the test, in this mind-bending puzzle platformer.

By the way, the murderer changes each playthrough - use your brain to work out who the real killer is!



Good concept for a game love the character design, very different. There were glitches but overall a good effort :)

It was ME!

Yep. It was James. Only played it through once because the levels are pretty hard and I don't wanna do it again. It was a cool, sketchy kind of play though. Something new like Shift, and all black and white and stuff. Pretty awesome game.


I was given high expectations with this game, the music, voice over and animation was high quality, yet I was confused as to how the gameplay matched the story line or even what you said your game would be - "Use your brain to work out who the real killer is" (In Author's comments) - I just had to find my way to exit doors, the clues were irrelevant as the team works out who it is by themselves...

I would not score this game low and think that 7/10 is fair as, despite not merging the gameplay with the storyline, your game had all the right elements for a good game.

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So many bugs.

Great potential, but you need to clean it up.

Entertaining, glitchy, and repetitive

As I played through the game, it lacked the story it seemed to promise to deliver. But sadly, lacking; I completely agree with Narmolania. The game was also rather glitchy, multiple times, getting stuck in the middle of the wall on the border.

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Credits & Info

3.89 / 5.00

Mar 8, 2011
9:24 AM EST
Action - Platformer - Puzzle