The Invisible Trousers

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(Full title: The Man with the Invisible Trousers)

Have you ever wondered what it's like to fight a bear? Well, prepare to keep wondering, because this game has nothing to do with bear fights!

You are part of an elite detective team, but when your boss is murdered, who can you trust? I mean, Jenny wouldn't kill him, would she? Or Alistair? Perhaps it was Lily? Or maybe it was YOU!

The only way to find out is to put your detective skills to the test, in this mind-bending puzzle platformer.

By the way, the murderer changes each playthrough - use your brain to work out who the real killer is!



way to easy but at least quit nice. gg

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time for me to be a jackass.

This game COULD be a 10, but it's plagued by a few crippling issues. Firstly, the game is a tad un-original. It plays a bit like another game I've played by the name of "Sarah's run." It never made it to NG, so I'm willing to ignore the similarity.
My second problem lies within the invisibility of the man's trousers. They make it a bit difficult at some points to figure out just what I can and can't land on. Maybe if they were just a semi-transparent pale grey, the game could prosper while maintaining its style.
My biggest and most frustrating issue with this game is it's crummy control scheme. I've played a few platformers like this that involve frequent changes in gravity, but none have ever limited me to only use the left and right keys. When you're upside-down, I want left to go left, not right. And when I'm on a wall, I want to move w/ the up and down keys.
Other than that, this game is phenomenal. Great level design, stylish graphics, music, concept, and all around gameplay. Despite a few minor issues, this is an amazing game.

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helloearthling responds:

Hi, thanks for the feedback!
It was in part inspired by Sarah's Run. I'm a fan and friend of Sophie Houlden, and I give her full credit for being awesome. If it weren't for her, I wouldn't be able to program AS3, so if she were Plato then I'm her Aristotle.

As for controls, it's tough because I know some people work in different ways, but the only way I could get smooth movement around corners was to keep using the same arrow keys. I'll give it a think, see if I can do a WASD option that works for you if I make a sequel.
P.S. I like your username!

Ingenious gameplay

At first is kind of difficult to get it, but once you do, you see the incredible logic. Great gameplay, congratulations. The best thing about the game was to stick around for the conversations.

TIP: I didn't feel like playing it again to see the other endings, but fotunately I didn't have to. Just return to Menu, click "Play" and then "Load game" and each time you'll see a different ending. You're welcome.

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good game

you only got an 8 thought because i thought it was kinda short

Wasn't sure what to expect

I enjoyed this game though as I enjoy puzzles. Very challenging game play.

Sometimes though I got stuck inside of the black space and had to restart the game.

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3.89 / 5.00

Mar 8, 2011
9:24 AM EST
Action - Platformer - Puzzle