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Pigs' Can't Fly

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The pigs have grown wings and are flying away from the farm. You need to stop them! Its easy to play, simply move your cursor over the pig and click to remove their wings and make them fall to ground. If any falling pigs collide with any pigs with wings, you earn extra points.
And don't let any pigs fly off screen. Bad things will happen.

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Ok, not bad

Simple game with no glitches.
But they're looks so saaad, when they're loosing their wings...

Would like to see more added

Seems like a nice little game... I wish I had my tablet plugged in... I only tried easy, but would of tried the hardest setting if I was using my tablet...

I'd love to see this game with more variety in enemies... maybe even just 2 or 3 more pigs... faster ones... one that moves based of a sine wave or something... y'know... just a li'l variation... Also a highscore board would of been good... Have you considered Mochimedia scoreboards? (I just say that kind because they're really easy to add)... I think if you just added a little more the game would be alot more addictive.

Good game though, totally distracted me from my own work for a bit there.


What would happen if Pigs could Fly?
http://www.newgrounds.com/portal/view /557990

Little tweeks here and there...

You made a simple, working, catchy game with a decent matching soundtrack, I like it!

If I may throw some ideas at you that would up your score, here's a few. You should upload some epic flying pig background for the game-play screen. The pigs could bob and weave sometimes in hard mode, or create a "dastardly mode" for the fun of it. Lastly a public and private high score table should be added between the modes for a little personal touch. I review games I feel that have great potential, but are shown with lesser effort. I hope a newer version appears in the near future. Keep moving forward!


This game is extremely simple yet addictingly fun! I honestly didn't think it would be that great of a game but I was sorely mistaken! This game is almost perfect! The only thing that could make it better would be more pig types or special power-ups.
Also, the music is catchy.