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The war of the Zero

rated 2.84 / 5 stars
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Mar 6, 2011 | 8:27 PM EST

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Author Comments


This is my first animation ever. Its a sprite and this will be an on-going serie
Please be kind to me, I know there is some mistakes, I know it could be better, but trust me, the first episode will be better and with voice acting :D


P.S.: Don't spam for the first episode, it will take time to be out. Peace

P.S.S.: When I got a few review it will be on youtube by Funinyourgame so if is someone else, it was stolen.



Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

not bad

The biggest thing I notice that needs to be fixed is the "shakiness" of the sprites. The feet should be stationary and should not move on the fighting stance poses. That was the only thing I really noticed but can't really notice more until I see a battle or two. Looks good though.

So, obvious question: Is this supposed to be an Elf Wars thing? and is hunter Zero supposed to be Omega? Just curious about the story.

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Funinyourgame responds:

Look below for your answer and thank you for your review, I will change those details in the first episode.

Have a nice day too ^^


Rated 3.5 / 5 stars

Wait, What?

So Zero is fighting himself from the past? How does that work?
How does Zero from the past kidnap Ciel and fight Zero from the Zero series? They're the same person.
The only way this makes any sense is if the Maverick Hunter X Zero is actually another reploid's consciousness being put into the original body.

Funinyourgame responds:

I do understand this is confusing.

I would say its a suprise but i just firgure out while wirting what is the "How".

To be quick and not to spoil every thing, the mavericks manage to survive from X (megaman X5) and the hide until the story of Zero (zero serie) begin. While Zero is doing his fight (first Zero game) They build up an Old version of Zero the maverick. The mavericks manage to control the robot (don't know thier name) and capture Ciel (you will see the reson in the serie so I will not spoil). Zero (good one) decide to join his old enemies to bring every thing back to what is suppose to be.

I know this not really the story of the real Zero and this might not respect the mentality of some of the character, but I promise you it will be nice anyway not perfect, but cool.

Hope I answer correctly to your question and have a nice day ;)