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Evil Land Episode 01

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Contessa travels to Evil Land to find Daniel, its ruler. But first, she meets Fleishman.

Evil Land is a thirteen-episode adventure series starring Brenna "TessaLoba" Dye as Contessa, Chris Zambelis as Feral Fleishman, Edwyn "Omahdon" Tiong as Peter Posie, PJ Dickey as Loyal Lance (the angel), and Pedro "Vert" Pinto as Wacky Blackie (the demon).

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This is a pretty good animation, but there something I do have to question. Why does the spiked turtle thing (which I presume assumed its human disguise via some kind of glamour like fairies do in folklore) keep running for a while after the girl grabs onto one of its spikes? Unless the creature was trying to get some distance between it and her before it noticed her, it looks a bit silly and unnecessary on the creature's part for it to take such action. Still, I liked this animation and wished that there was another episode. Too bad there hasn't in over four years. Good job though on making this.

LisVender responds:

Every cartoon I make has some challenge in it. In this case, I wanted to try my hand at animating a four-legged creature galloping, as well as a tracking shot. So it's not really about logic, but having fun on my part.


That was amazing, old-school quality frame-by-frame animation! That was indeed terrific, and hope to see more episodes

Not Bad

Ignore what others say. Watch their videos. Tell them if you think their videos are crappy. One thing is... THIS IS A GOOD VIDEO! :)


this is amazing i haven't a clue why people are criticising this anyways keep up the good work i look forward to seeing the next episode :D

It was well written and abstract

I like where your going with this, good step, don't listen to the reviews of people disinterested because they didn't get their daily dose of Meme.

Keep it original! But I would like to see more animation on the background, and spruce up the characters a bit in voicework.

Perhaps you should go frame by frame, and stay off the sprites/repeated animations.

I would love to see how this terns out if you put some serious serious serious work into it. I want to see this Capital, the glory and end of civilisation. I want to see the characters portrayed and illustrated as they would be in a novel.

All I'm saying is that the ground story has a lot of potential. Don't let it go to waste, and use ALL the resources of the BBS.

LisVender responds:

Wow, you're an endangered species: someone who gives even, level-headed, intelligent criticism! Thank you. Seriously, thanks. Your advice, and more importantly, your maturity, is appreciated. I'll take your advice to heart.

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4.20 / 5.00

Mar 6, 2011
4:11 PM EST