ShellShock Live v1.0+

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I've been working on this one for months so I hope you like it!

[EDIT] Wow, Daily Feature! Thanks guys!
[EDIT] Thanks for the frontpage Tom!

It's shell or be shelled on the battlefield as you pummel other players into the earth with a seemingly endless arsenal of weapons launched from your very own mobile tank in this tactical, online multiplayer display of strategy and skill.

A and D - move tank
Arrow Keys - aim
Space - shoot
W and S - change weapon

Please don't forget to rate, and enjoy ShellShock Live :D



Love the game...

...hate the win-button "upgrade" weapons. They are just too powerful.


Fun game, but the XP is scaled as if it expects you to play only this game all day and not the fifteen or so minute flash game it is. While sure some people might play this game all day, it is fun. I could only see most people playing it on their breaks throughout a day.

Then it wants you to pay a monthly fee to get DLC? Non even real businesses have done something that outrageous. Not to mention the DLC is priced at 25 dollars if you want to keep it for good, you really need to work on your pricing. It doesn't seem as if any thought was put into it. You would make a lot more money if you lowered the prices to a reasonable amount. It needs to be a micro-transaction, not a "try and urge your user base into paying the price of an entire budget game for DLC bits". High budget companies only even charge about seven dollars for their DLC which would often comprise of a lot more than is being offered here.

Otherwise it's a fine and fun little game.

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Fun.. But

"Give us money so you can have a massive edge playing anyone who hasnt given us money. :D"

Truly a dealbreaker. Fun game, but just another example of flash games going in the wrong direction. Expanded content is great and all, but not when it can be used to beat down everyone without it.

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Good, but.

Get's a 9 due to it's slight glitches. Fairly addicting.
If ur intrested in duling me my user name is ...
S0Me RaNd0m TaNk. Look ford to it. :P

mutiplayer FTW

this game is awesome one of the best mutiplayer game i have played on any website

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4.44 / 5.00

Mar 5, 2011
5:22 PM EST
Strategy - Artillery