Berathen Blast

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You're Comedy and Tragedy wrapped into one being. Being these combined entities can be stressful. Why not relax by busting up some balls?


This is a game I made in one day to get back into the swing of things. Let me know what you think!

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Huge Potential, Short And Sweet.

This is a short and simple game, yet intriguing and challenging.

Graphics- 6/10
Basic, but clear. I like how the balls burst into a paler version of their original colour and the purple explosive mist was a very nice touch.

Controls- 7/10
They do the job and do it well. Personally I find using the space-bar and arrows at the same time uncomfortable; I'd be happier using shift or the up key to shoot.

Sound- 5/10
Nothing too eye-popping, but certainly not unpleasant in any way.

Gameplay- 9.5/10
There are so many bubbles and balls type games out there so I was very pleasantly surprised at the ingenuity and addictiveness of this game.
It required a bit of patience and planning ahead, which I thought was a well balanced amount- it stops players from blundering and bumbling about, but was simple enough to not be frustrating.
The different types of bursting balls combined with the "shot limit" sets this game up so well.
However, I feel the blocks went to waste and could have been used more.
(Especially in the end level, it would have been cool to have a few blocks to add to the bubble ball mayhem.)

Overall Score- 9.5/10

I would like to see more of this game as follows:
- More levels with all types of balls together.
- More incorporation of blocks.
- More types of balls.
- Sound could do with some spicing up.
- Background. (Nothing too special, but some kind of gradient that changes with each level.
- Animation of face as it shoots.
- Timer in harder levels. (Prevent campers).

Further notes-

I love this game. It gets 9.5/10 because of all the potential it has. For a game made in a day it is pretty good.
Re-playability is 9/10.
I suggest pushing a polished version to the Android Market. (Slide the face side to side, release to shoot).
Really want to see more of this game.

Happy programming!


It was very short and simple, but still fun. It was a good way to kill fifteen minutes.

Good but short

Fun Timewaster.
But only 20 lvls?

Venks responds:

It was really just a game I was working on as I relaxed from the complexity of another. I'm glad you wanted to play even more levels. If the game gets enough attention I will definitely make a sequel with more levels, graphics, and features.

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Mar 5, 2011
3:04 PM EST
Puzzles - Other