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If you don't know how to translate binary numbers into decimal and vice versa, you can google for it and learn. (or just randomly collect bits)

For those who beat the game, I hope you enjoyed your prize!

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pretty good....

its good but gets kinda boring


You mentioned a prize at the starting screen, and I played for a little, but the game is really slow and really boring, and I didn't think any prize was worth playing this. I opened the calculator program that comes with your computer and had more fun with that.

You shouldn't rely on a prize being the only drive for someone to play. A game should draw someone in and keep them drawn in by being fun. This isn't fun at all: it's slow, it's mostly pointless, and overall needs some major improvement.

It's smoothly programmed though, I see little bugs, so I can give you 2 stars for that.

Boring but educational

I thought it was boring just not much heart and soul too the game. Just felt like something you threw together in about an hour. As playing for some prize is not enough to keep the game interesting unless it is fun to play. Also there is no challenge to it because it does not seem to matter rather you get the numbers right or not it just spits a new number at you rather you where right not or letting the numbers just fall weather they hit the stick or not does not seem to matter. I have had the game running the whole time that I have been typing this review and nothing bad has happen from my lack of attention to it. So there is really not to keep me wanting to play and a prize whatever it is is not enough to get into this game. In fact I could care less.

so so

cute idea with the octet equaling the points deposited. But it just did not keep me stimulated enough to finish. Thank you for posting.

yoni0505 responds:

Yeah, the thing that should keep you stimulated is the curiosity to find out what is the prize.