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Runner (multiplayer)

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Author Comments

**** Its okay to vote stuff to get points, but be reasonable and refrain from voting on stuff you haven't tried. Thank you! ****

*** You have to send the link you recieve to a friend in order to play, as this is meant for a substitute for IM's that don't have build in games ***

*** >200 votes but only ~50 people actually played it. (According to google analytics)... Please be reasonable, all you kids are making me a sad panda ***

The rules is simple in this little multiplayer game:

Outrun your opponent by pressing left and right arrow keys alternately.

Try not to press both keys simultaniously as this will slow you down.

You will need to find your own opponent, so send the gameinvite link you recieve to a friend through any IM service or socialnetwork.

Feedback is much appreciated (I know that there is a lag issue when throttling down the speed, but this will be fixed soon)

Also try my other games at http://gameinvite.net (The site is currently without any ads, but that might change in the future, the ads will be as unobtrosive as possible if i add them)

NOTE: If you get a "Could not connect to server" error then make sure that port 8030 is not blocked by your firewall.. You can also check server status at
http://gameinvite.net/ser ver-status.php

Please do not write reviews of games you have not played.. If you don't have any friends to play with, its not really my fault (nor the games fault)

* Game now runs on port 443 which should enable more people to actually play it from school or office
* Added leaderboard and "training mode" for people who dont have friends / can't connect to server.

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i cant play (nobody is playng)


i gave it a 0-10 because i cant play (nobody is playng)

reefermadness responds:

*Sigh* ...

Read the description... Especially when you write a review i find it quite important that you have read what the game is about..

You have to invite your own opponent through the link! Not my fault you don't have any friends ;-)

The idea is good, but only online playing

It makes no sence, i know you said is multiplayer but even the multiplayer games have single player....

Do you actually want us to copy the link and paste in conversacions with my friends, sorry dude, but i am not a troll (trolls do that). Next time put single player mode, or at least random multiplayer mode. Good luck

reefermadness responds:

Ehm.. this game and the others on the website is meant for a substitute for IM's that dont have build in games (Like the ones in windows live).. And no those games does not have singleplayer.

Trolls invite their friends to games? eeh ?

Its okay to rate this down if you didnt like the game, but rating a multiplayer game down because it doesnt have singleplayer is kind of stupid.. no offense!

Also for the love of god, stop writing reviews if you haven't played it...


I will give you a 10/10 and a 1/5.
A: The 10 goes for the effort you had making a multiplayer game
and the 1/5 is because you don't have the option of playing it alone.

reefermadness responds:

Thanks for the feedback.. Yeah i can see that there is alot of lonewolfs here at newgrounds (Since all feedback i have recieved so for is from people who dont have anyone to play with)

Thank you for giving me a little props for the multiplayer part.. Writing a non-blocking server in PHP is not the easiest thing i have ever written.. There is alot of quirks, especially when you develop in windows and run on a linux system (As sockets behave differently cross-platform).. Of course i could have used FMS or red5, but i don't have a FMS license and i don't know JAVA half as good as i know PHP.

Invite only?

So the only way to play is if some connects to a randomly generated link I send them? No single player or playing with a random person?

reefermadness responds:

Still does that deserve a 0 score?

Its by all means good feedback, but it IS a multiplayer game, and a singleplayer feature wouldn't be near as fun as playing against friends.

I might make a play with a stranger function. But 0 score is just offensive.. You shouldn't review stuff unless you actually tried it.. Just my 5 cents.

Credits & Info

1.29 / 5.00

Mar 5, 2011
6:24 AM EST