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My First Flash Game Ever

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yes i know these types of games are easy to cheat, i just forgot to get the left click cheating taken care of. this is my first flash game ive ever made. the music isnt mine, but you can find it at www.8bc.org and search for "Dandruff - Down The Drain" i would like to have at least one good comment that is constructive criticism and not just a hate comment. Thanks for playing :)

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The website just said: "8bit collective".

nice3 game

It's easy.

On every level i can just move cursor strait to the exit and i'm a winner,
You should fix it, bro.

popnickle responds:

i'm aware that theres at least 5 ways to cheat, im not going to fix this because that would mean re-uploading a crappy maze game and theres just no point in that. :)

good maze

its a good maze but there are at least three ways to cheat through it, and probly even more that i didnt find, the three i found are clicking which turns off the walls, right clicking and thraveling through the maze on the right click menu, and right clicking and hitting th forward button, so for your next maze try to fix these cheats...or dont lol

too hard and not fun to play

First off I had to make sure that my arrow was on the right part of the screen before I could even attempt to go after the green dot which meant I had die a whole lot of times just to figure this out. Which in of it self is lame but then you add the fact that the game is so never racking that when I finally made it pass the first level I did not want to play any more. I would recommend starting out sorta of easier(by easier I do not mean not challenging but just tone it down some)because then you get the player hooked so when they get to the more difficult stages he will be hooked and figure he has come this far why not go all the way. Anyway good first try but need a lot of work. Also games should be fun and not so never wracking. Keep it up you will get the hang of it thank you for sharing it with us.

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3.58 / 5.00

Mar 5, 2011
1:43 AM EST