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chained smiley

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all_type 5 Points

have all kind of smiley

amateur_smiley 25 Points

get total score more than 5M

bomber_mastery 25 Points

have max number of bomber smiley

max_click 25 Points

upgrade click number to the max

max_diameter 25 Points

upgrade click diameter to the max

normal_mastery 25 Points

have max number of normal smiley

perfect_hit 25 Points

get a perfect hit on a round

intermediate_smiley 50 Points

get total score more than 10M

multi_mastery 50 Points

have max number of multi smiley

professional_smiley 50 Points

get total score more than 15M

psy_mastery 50 Points

have max number of psy smiley

tricky_perfect 50 Points

get a perfect hit on the first day

enthusiasm_smiley 100 Points

get total score more than 20M

quick_target 100 Points

complete your target in 35 days or less

Author Comments

A chain reaction game about smileys, upgrade each time to get better score, and fulfill your target!!! get used of 4 kind of smileys, each of its own abilities, enjoy!!!

Achievement has been added!!!
Very special thanks for Tom that make this game on frontpage, thank you very much

PS: several days ahead I will submit my newest game, Bieber Transformation, wait for it,thanks


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Gets old quickly. In the end, the highscore can be indefinitely grown by not attaining the goal (e.g. 28k ou of 30k every day. Just don't buy anything more and you can go to the top with little effort) and after the screen is filled with smileys, every click results in a perfect.

However it requires a huge amount of money to max smileys... which takes a lot of time to grind.

Fun game

A fun flash you have here theres was lots of great visuals and some nice detail with some pretty good effort on your side of things, I was taken back with this submission, as it was pretty good. Im not too good at these game types but this was still pretty good i thought, and it was differant from some of those simular type of games that i have played. Alright this was notbad i went as far as day 230 and beyond but it was fun, Now there was possibly one thing that you could do like making a play button at the end game screen so that you dont have to go to menu page to click play you can have the play button so people can still just keep playing without going to menu page. So as i do see some simularities from this entry and others from the portal, but i found some interesting details and you really show that you like quality, as this one is full of quality aswell as detail.

So this is not my specialty, but i think there could be a few fixes and some possible cleaned up areas here and there, here is what i came up with, and you should really try some of these out for a better product. So as mentioned adding a play button would be a plus for people who just want to keep gaining money.

Not bad, but it needs work.

The biggest problem I have with it is lag. Once you get more than a few dozen smileys, this really starts to have an impact; if you've got several hundreds, the game is ridiculously laggy.

There's also a couple of minor things I'd suggest to improve. Get rid of the fart noises; they're silly. Work on the graphics; they're OK, but could be better still. And fix the shop prices - having to pay more than half a million dollars for the last couple of psychic smileys is just insane, and means you have to grind and play over and over again just so you can buy another (and max out your stat eventually). Coupled with the lag, it really isn't much fun.

can't get last medal!!


Game's alittle to easy