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first try at madness

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Author Comments

this is ok (AKA it sucks) somehow but i only gt flash bout 5-6 days ago so dnt over so it with the negitive coments yet but if any1 that can actually animate madness better then me (which is a lot of people) plz give me help on how to do this a lot better

1ST attempt at flash

BORING bit tht u dnt care bout
22 per second


this is not all of it i will b send the rest of it soon :D

wow 1.87 im suprised

2.23 O_O wow

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Pretty good, just fix some of the animating bugs and you're all good!

FEED ME THE MADNESS SEYMOUR! --Bill Murray (attr.)

Good God, that Madness protagonist would be dead in the first four seconds. Instead, the 1337 crew guys have worse aim than the French. They don't even bother to shoot! No wonder scores of these doofuses get greased. Or was it a case of deplorable pacing?

Meanwhile, little things like foot animation suffer because actual tweening tricks used in Madness cartoons are disregarded (or sailing over the author's head). It's so bad, in fact, that the author inserts self-deprecating comments in the flash, as though they can endear sympathy from the audience. Speaking of audible, the only sound effect I heard was a gunshot, which is why the katana-wielding guy never swung once even in close range. Logical?

Yeah, so "first try at madness" is a grotesque disservice to the franchise. Krinkels, if not dead from watching this thing, is already dead from some other cause and is currently rolling in his grave, beating his skull-dust against the urn (in case he got cremated). If he survived somehow, he is already contemplating his afterlife, in addition to his countless imitators'.

So why did I give this a ten?

Because it's hilarious in a bad way, thus making me laugh out loud. THE OTHER SUBMISSIONS RELEASED TODAY DID NOT DO THAT FOR ME.

wasnt bad

not bad for your first animation would be better if you sped the fight parts up

jacv645 responds:

i know there was a boring part in there were he is just walking which is rilly bad plus the fact i did terible on the feet animation so im supriesd ppl like this

very good

for a first attempt that was fucking amazing. i dont often see stuff like that for a first.

jacv645 responds:

thnx i ave only had flash for like 6-7 days so yh its gd for a first atempt

Just try something different.

Want to be a good flash animator? Or do you just want people to like your videos? I'm guessing it's more the second one. Newgrounds is absolutely filled with videos that are simply violent for the sake of being violent. In other words, it's all violence and no story. Instead of just being another guy who makes characters shoot each other, try to think of a story.
(Hint: just steal the story from your favorite action movie. That's a good start.)

jacv645 responds:

well i do want to be a good flash animator but this was just a little test to see if i could actually have somthing on NG with it not being blamed :/ but seeing as i am very new to this is there anything else u could give me as advise that wuld be great

thnx for the hint

Credits & Info

3.56 / 5.00

Mar 4, 2011
3:18 PM EST