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Abyss Walker

rated 3.40 / 5 stars
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Mar 3, 2011 | 7:14 AM EST

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Author Comments

The key to the victory in this adventure is to stay undetected by enemies and kill them fast. Hope, you enjoy it ^^


- text in dialogues now displayed immediately.
- player get 200 gold at start (to learn some skills).
- fixed bug when player can't see ending screen.


The game may be too difficult if you try to accomplish missions using a raw power only! Each mission has a key for easy victory. All weapons are important! Try to use skills wise.


[LEFT ARROW] / [RIGHT ARROW] - Movement.
[UP ARROW] - Jump.
For double jump press [UP ARROW] again in air (if you have a "Double Jump" skill).
[1],[2],[3],[4],[5] - Select weapon.
[SPACE] - Attack with selected weapon.
[W],[A],[S],[D] - Use skill.



Rated 1 / 5 stars

Mortal Kombat?

The game itself is OK. It has some design flaws like the "I pushed a box and now I'm stuck" stuff. The Sensei takes too long to talk. The game needs a key to make all the text appear WITHOUT making it skip to the next duologue box.
As for the actual plot...This game's knowledge about ninjas seems to stem solely from Mortal Kombat. It's extremely western and reminds me of anime fangirls screaming in horribly accented Japanese(such as saying Kawaii in normal speach).
There does not seems to be any research into the subject of Ninja, Ninpo or Ninjutsu in this game so I might as well provide the answers it needs.
Sword Mastery = Kenjutsu.
Chakra is just flat out incorrect. Mana = Chakra. The weapon is called a Chakram with an "M". It's an Indian weapon, not a Japanese one.
The "spear" is actually a Kunai connected to a rope. That is not typical Ninja gear. Ninja's typically used a similar weapon called a Kusarigama. Same thing except it's a sickle instead of a kunai.
The "traps" are called Makibishi.

Also, "This skill is only available IN version on ___ website." Needs better grammar. Proofreading can vastly improve the quality of anything.

mrDN responds:

Thanks for the review, but try not be too serious about ninjas ;) Not all gamers know that Sword Mastery = Kenjutsu or what is Kusarigama or Makibishi. It's not a manual "how to become true shinobi", its just a small joke game. Have fun!


Rated 3 / 5 stars

Needs work

Overall it's 'meh'. There's nothing new or exciting about this game. Graphics are nice but that's about it.

Enimies are not easy to avoid with or without using the Stealth ability and I find myself running away more than fighting them. Staring with ninja stars would help immensely.

Boxes are a HUGE problem. If you destroy one that you need to reach a higher platform its gone for good? Or if you move one to close to the edge of a higher platform and fall down, guess who can't reach that higher platform again, you! Wow that's lame.

Also, waiting for the old guy to finish talking sucks. Issue a hotkey to speed up hit chatting.

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