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Geometry Survive

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Hope you like. This is my first "good" game.

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for a first "good" game...

as someone who doesn't program things, i wont rake you over the coals for experimenting. the game could use 5 somewhat simple improvements to get a better score.

1) add something passive (music or sound effects) preferably not the 1 minute midi crap everything else has been using for the past decade.

2) theme (that is to say) blocks are a way out of work, not a way to show off. draw pictures, make monsters, do just about anything but objects i could make in paint.

3) add a level system or even a points bar to compare runs, track progress, or challenge my friends to beat.

4) ad some form of plot device, no matter how obscure. your on newgrounds, just about anything works here.

5) have fun with it. if your looking at this saying "I have to do all this?" you might want to consider a different direction in computer sciences.

I like the way the random block generator worked, with the above improvements maybe you'll be seeing front page??

Needs some work

You really need to improve parts of this game. The art is not that great, there is no music and it really looks like you used MS paint to draw the words.

To improve this game I would suggest the following.
1) Music to make the action more exciting.
2) Increasing difficulty over time. This is a major point as I gave up after a minute because it was too easy.
3) Better text and grammar. The text looked like it was quickly made and there were grammar mistakes. Instead of "Replay" it said "Rerlay"

Overall, it is a basic game that just needs tweaks to make it better.

DaAtte responds:

I updated the replay button. Yay!

Nothing too impressive here

The game started and I initially had no idea what to do. After a moment or two, I realized it's a "dodge the falling objects" ordeal. However, the graphics are incredibly simplistic and not in a complimenting way, there's no sound whatsoever, the mouse movements are extremely rough, and the game feels very choppy overall.

1) Smooth out the mouse movements.
2) Add sound of some sort.
3) Smooth out the interaction and hit detection between your dot and the incoming objects.
4) Touch up the graphics to be a little more pleasing to the eye. (Color palette, animation, etc.)

Good luck on your next revision for this!

Credits & Info

3.92 / 5.00

Mar 2, 2011
1:04 PM EST