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Don't let me catch you

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Move with:
Arrow Keys

Platformer about a stickman escaping from the mouse, very fun and creative game play. This is my first uploaded game and is very important to me to know what do you think about the game so don't forget to make a review.

[MY TWITTER: http://twitter.com/#!/Nat an_Cohen ]
I want to join a crew or a flash team. if you are interested or you know someone interested, tell me on inbox or write me in ntn7.10@gmail.com

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I finished the game, you should really let the music have better quality :P for some reason it's really distorted in your game, also, you should use the NG system to link to me since I don't sell my music on Amazon or anything, you can still add it, ask help on flash forums if you'll need it, also, when you lose on the level, you should let the music continue playing, and not restart it, it's really annoying :P

But gg anyway ^^

RuleBreakers responds:

Thanks. I think i repare the links of your music. i'll try to fix the other problems in the next games.

Good Luck

Yeah, I don't know if this is normal

But the game just teleported me on the other side of the stage and the cursor got me literally a second later. This wasn't lag, it only happened once and I didn't press anything. Did that happen to anyone else?

RuleBreakers responds:

I'm afraid i couldn't repair that "bug", next time will be..


I really like the concept - and the programming is good.
If you work on it a bit more, ie. better graphics, better level design(s), etc. this could actually be a really good game.

RuleBreakers responds:

Yeah, you are right, this was kind of a beta, or demo, but i dont think i'm gonna do it again couse i have other projects. Thanks for the review

Fun and adictive

Good start, is adictive and original. Good luck

RuleBreakers responds:

Thanks. Is not awesome, but is a start

Decent programming

However, it's too difficult for the average player. The hit box is off and the level design is horrid. It took 10-20 tries to even get one level above the starting area.

RuleBreakers responds:

Thanks aboute the "decent programming" part. That was the thing on this game, very dificult, that makes it adicttive, but maybe you are right and i overreacted on that. i dont know what you mean with "The hit box is off". anyway i think is good for a first game. Thanks for the review

Credits & Info

3.05 / 5.00

Mar 1, 2011
5:12 PM EST