Pestilence Z

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Regarding save files: PLEASE ensure that you allow flash the proper amount of filespace to properly save the game. Right click go to SETTINGS > LOCAL STORAGE > and move it up to 10MB or Unlimited to ensure there are no issues. Thanks!

Pestilence Z is a zombie survival turn-based RPG with hours of gameplay and content. This includes 3 playable characters with 3 specialization trees each, 5 unique enemy AI zombie types with 9 full zombie animation sets, 60 detailed and immersive maps, including 8 secret maps, compiled from a set of 600+ unique tiles, 100s of searchable items and over 602 possible different equipable items. Pestilence Z features a deep, engaging combat system to battle through the zombie mobs as you fight for survival. This is the first episode of the series of three and includes 5 missions. Pestilence Z also features several minutes of cinematic animation and an original sound track to drive the compelling story of the outbreak's origin.


About Zombie Movement and Walls: We understand people's dislike of this, however it is not a glitch or laziness. Much beta testing was done over this matter and ultimately we decided to allow zombies free movement over the map. Due to the zombie's movement restriction (one tile), this was the only way to keep a level of depth and strategy during movement in the world.

About Accuracy: Many factors attribute to overall accuracy: First, smaller zombies are harder to hit and larger zombies are easier to hit, certain guns have reduced accuracy at longer range, obviously the vet is the most accurate and the jock is the least accurate.


Excellent game

This is one of the best flash games I have played, and I play a lot of them. The turn based combat system is reminiscent of Fallout 1&2, which is refreshing. It adds strategy. As far as some negatives go, zombie no-clip is a little detracting, and makes things too easy. You can sit in one spot and they will walk through the walls to get to you, instead of forcing the player to go into an enclosed area. The only other negative comment I have is that the game was too easy. However, I can't remember if there was a difficulty setting to choose from. More good points are the open ended maps, the hidden areas and hard to find search spots. I spent a couple hours on this just because I wanted to find everything, and I think I did, I was pretty thorough. That actually brings me to another negative, the weapons. In my opinion there isn't a big enough variety of weapons. I don't know if the item generation is on a randomized system which means I couldn't possibly have picked up everything that was possible, and I hope that is the case.

In a nutshell:
Possible improvements-
More weapons
Harder (if there isn't already a difficulty setting)
Add more bosses
Fix the zombie no-clipping
More variety of skills, what are currently there are nice, but I would like to see more that apply to melee, or add to overall accuracy, etc.

What to keep:
Open ended maps
Secret areas
Current combat system (I really like Fallout 1&2 if you can't tell =D)

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Well done overall!

Whenever it comes to certain games, I get pretty enticed and spend a lot of time on them. It rarely happens with flash games in my case, but this game had me going for a while just to see what happens in the story line.

The controls overall suit the game rather well, giving it a smooth feel instead of something that would hinder the overall playability. I really enjoyed the music, even though it got pretty repetitive. Something about the battle theme I definitely got into...not sure what it was, but it was fun for me at least. :)

Hopefully you make a sequel to this, because you've definitely got me hooked. I'm a sucker for zombie games, but it's only a good few that I truly get in to...this being one of the few. Well done! :D

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liked it, loved it, addicted!

Scenario: 10 story: 10 (so far). music: very fitting to the concept. the only thing i can say i don't like about this game is that i have to go to sleep. otherwise i might go on playing to the end. Keep 'em coming! Good job! I'll be back tomorrow to try & finish.

Stun Zombies

Stun zombies should be easier to get a crit on with gun :( but still it a good game


i really loved the ga,e good work but when is episode 2 coming to newgrounds? i can't wait until it does :]

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4.20 / 5.00

Mar 1, 2011
12:00 PM EST
Adventure - RPG