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Regarding save files: PLEASE ensure that you allow flash the proper amount of filespace to properly save the game. Right click go to SETTINGS > LOCAL STORAGE > and move it up to 10MB or Unlimited to ensure there are no issues. Thanks!

Pestilence Z is a zombie survival turn-based RPG with hours of gameplay and content. This includes 3 playable characters with 3 specialization trees each, 5 unique enemy AI zombie types with 9 full zombie animation sets, 60 detailed and immersive maps, including 8 secret maps, compiled from a set of 600+ unique tiles, 100s of searchable items and over 602 possible different equipable items. Pestilence Z features a deep, engaging combat system to battle through the zombie mobs as you fight for survival. This is the first episode of the series of three and includes 5 missions. Pestilence Z also features several minutes of cinematic animation and an original sound track to drive the compelling story of the outbreak's origin.


About Zombie Movement and Walls: We understand people's dislike of this, however it is not a glitch or laziness. Much beta testing was done over this matter and ultimately we decided to allow zombies free movement over the map. Due to the zombie's movement restriction (one tile), this was the only way to keep a level of depth and strategy during movement in the world.

About Accuracy: Many factors attribute to overall accuracy: First, smaller zombies are harder to hit and larger zombies are easier to hit, certain guns have reduced accuracy at longer range, obviously the vet is the most accurate and the jock is the least accurate.


Good game but...


Nah, aside from that, the gameplay's pretty solid (apart from zombies through walls. Little kids with baseball caps somehow breaking through walls makes me think too much koolaid.

But yeah, fix the save feature. I got to the last mission and had to log off, and when I tried to load, no file there despite having saved twice just before I left. T_T; I had a perfect AK-47!

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shoulda been a 10 but...

by all rights this game should be a 10, but once i close the game window, all my progress is lost, ive set the storage thing to unlimited, and i save often, but it still wont let me continue a previous game after ive closed the window, 8/10 5/5

Fun but the save could be fixed

Really fun, i played for a while and just wanted to keep play but the save doesn't work, it gets really annoying to start all over again but other then that i had really fun.

A great start of a series, if a bit flawed.

Overall, a great game, and I am not even going to bother repeating the flaws and improvements mentioned by previous reviews, with a few exceptions that really stood out to me. Like a lot of people said, a party system would be nice, and this is something I have A LOT to say on. There are two ways you can go about making a party system for the sequels to come: the Final Fantasy approach or the Dungeons & Dragons approach. FF-style is more or less plot based, which means building your party by encountering characters. D&D-style is where you build your party from the start of the game, and go from there.

On a related subject, you should add more character classes using D&D as a guideline. Here are some examples:

The Cop: This would be your series' version of D&D's Paladin. The Cop would be extremely balanced in all combat attributes (HP, attack, defense, etc.). The Cop, however, has the charisma needed to convince an NPC survivor (please include them too) to temporarily join your party. The Cop has excellent detective skills, and can therefore locate more searchable spots on the map than most other classes.

The MMA Heavyweight: This is essentially the Barbarian from D&D. Very powerful fighter who can deal a lot of melee damage, and can wield heavier weapons such as sledgehammers with greater proficiency than The Jock. Far better success at knockbacks due to brute strength.

The Jujutsu Blackbelt: The same as D&D's Monk, the Jujutsu Blackbelt has the best melee attack accuracy of all classes. His/her melee attacks also have a far greater chance at stunning zombies (to simulate the takedown techniques of Jujutsu).

The Thug: You guessed it. The Thug would be similar to D&D's Rogue class. A typical "gangsta", his/her ranged accuracy is mediocre at best due to the way he/she holds his/her "gat". The Thug, however, is specially proficient with knives.

Now that's out of the way, weapons need a little more variety. Nunchucks, for instance, can hit multiple zeds in melee at the cost of accuracy. Ballistic knives offers a last ditch attempt at killing a zombie with headshot before it gets into melee range. Guns should be upgradable by accessories such as laser sights, ACOG scopes, red dots, etc. to improve effectiveness at either short or long range. Grenade launchers and rocket launchers certainly won't hurt either, though they should understandably be EXTREMELY RARE.

If you're going with D&D approach with creating parties, then I strongly suggest customizable characters in terms of gender and maybe stats. Also, another thing from D&D that would be good to incorporate would be the concept of alignment between "good" and "evil". This has some effects toward how NPC survivors (if you plan to include them) would react to your party. If your party is mostly "lawful good", then they are more likely to temporarily join your party or offer you items, but it will also mean they are more likely to ask you to go on quests (such as finding their missing loved ones, something you can also include), which can be a pain in the ass on its own right. On the other hand, if your party is mostly "chaotic/lawful evil", then NPC survivors would likely to react hostily to you, but can be a boost to EXP when you kill them too.

That is all I have to say at this point. I know my suggestions are rather ambitious, but please, take them for what it's worth. Besides, these are things you can implement slowly.

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Good game

This is a very nice game but the only issue i had was with the zombies being able to walk through the walls but over all great game

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Mar 1, 2011
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