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2020 - the beginning

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Author Comments

Skill and strategy is the only way to win the war against the evil aliens. If you are looking for a mix between Master of Orion 2 and a space shooter you should look at this game.

arrow keys or wasd to move
left mouse button to shoot
p - pause
1 - 4 activate/deactivate slots

- fixed bug with screen height

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Very good...

but buggy.

i would have given you a 10 if it werent for all the bugs. i'll do my review, and then list a few bugs.

the game is fun. it's a little overpowered to get rockets, b/c they are homing, so you just run around in circle and blow everyone up. protip - if you fly in the opposite direction of the nearest enemy ship, your missiles dont fly on top of each other, meaning they wont all blow up on the first ship they find (if only 1 kills it, for example).

i think you should list all of the researches available, but show a "prerequisite" (i.e. you can research this, too, but it requires construction I, or whatever). very frustrating to pick a tech only to find i could have gotten a BETTER one had i gone a different route.

overall a very fun game, absorbed hours of my time, has some reasonable replay value, and i enjoyed it. money is scarce, and that was troublesome, and it was very buggy. as promised, here is the list of bugs i found:

If you finish a battle w/o getting struck by an enemy, you get +.1 to population. if your population CHANGES when you get the +.1 to population (i.e. you should get another person added to your population), it changes the population stat, but doesnt actually give you another person. this is WORSE if your population drops (starvation) while getting the +.1 from battle, as your population stat (14/15, for example) will INCREASE, but your actual people (the ones you can physically place on farming/tech) will decrease. bad bug! i had to restart 4 times before figuring this one out.

another bug is that you dont actually get your money from "trade points," and sometimes the researches dont give you the bonuses they promise.

Important to note for players- some of the "passive" (you dont need to buy them after researching) DONT STACK.
- +% to armor bonus
- +% to speed
i think there are more but i cant remember

what this means is if you get +20% armor bonus and +40% armor bonus researches, you only have +40% to your ships armor, and you just wasted a tech upgrade!

by the way, DO NOT end up with .9 population, if you do, it rounds to the nearest integer and you still dont get a person for it. BUG.

Quite challenging

As I am not a fan of RPG's, I thought this would be similar to it at the beginning. I am glad it was more of a shooting game, albeit still being a good strategy game. The annoying thing was that these guys were just so hard to kill. These are some of the fastest enemies I have seen in a game like this! I won't have time to read and understand everything that is going on in this game. If you want something complicated, then come no further for this.

At least most of the enemies were killed in one shot. Even putting your mouse over them won't do the trick because they move around so much. You really have to be able to predict where they are going to go. The music is fairly good. It gives off a feeling of being in a squadron in the sky and understanding your personal loyalty and truth.


Really, this is one of my favorite flash submissions and it is propably one of the best games on newgrounds ever!

extremely good!

This one of the greatest games %u0131've ever played here,if you like to combine your skill and wits this is the game you should play.

very nice

i liked it a lot.. some strategic aspects with some action.. but i got a very annoyin bug every time i died i had to refresh the page cus if i choose retry it just open the "submit your score" window and after that the page sayin you lose..
even that, this is a pretty addictive game

Credits & Info

3.38 / 5.00

Mar 1, 2011
6:11 AM EST