Launch To The Moon

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You use the arrow keys to move and the space to jet. The goal of the game is to jet to the moon by jumping off stars. You must buy powerups and avoid the anvils, to succeed in this game.

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Not good, but could be with improvement

Starting with the cons first:

-When you hit an anvil and can't go on, you have to fall back all the way down. It's annoying when you fall down and hit a star that brings you up. All that does is waste time.

-Beating the game left me with a "Wow I really wasted my time feeling" greater than most upgrade games tend to give off.

-Stuff like the bird and the whale that don't affect you are graphically placed so they look like they would do something if touched, so I was dodging them the whole time. I would increase the contrast to make it look like it's in the background, or just not put it there at all.

-The fuel wasn't very useful. It should have given off a much larger boost since a quarter of the game's upgrades regard it.

Here are some pros:

-For the most part the graphics are well drawn

-The boxes that shoot you up make the game more interesting, but I thought they acted like anvils at first

And last I would like to suggest a shorter logo that represents whatever site you're promoting. They look very nice, but people playing an upgrade game are likely not fond of a full minute logo sequence. Also, the music is nice but it gets pretty annoying as it is the only song played throughout the entire game.


IM CRAZY ABOUT GAMEzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

takes too long to load

for such a small game, there's no need for the 5mb video.

Needs more clean up.

This game has potential, but there are a lotta things you need to really clean up.
1. Clean up your composition.
-The boy on the side is absolutely distracting and completely necessary, and quite a horrific example of composition for the game.
2. Larger Size
It was hard to see that I was collecting coins, and the whole entire thing was extremely small.
3. Lack of difficulty/Odd velocity
The boy never went really any faster, it had an odd "fast" and then it slowed down a bit and then fast again, and it didn't even seem like my jetpack was working in making things faster. It was absolutely much too easy.

This really could've been a great and very appealing game, it just needs more polish. You chose a very safe style of gameplay, but part of selling such a simplistic game is its packaging. Not even asking for complicated graphics, but just clean up of what you have.

Hope to see you keep trying, you've got great potential, just don't rush the end clean up.


Loved the whale =D

Nice timewaster, cute game =)

Credits & Info

2.95 / 5.00

Feb 28, 2011
2:12 PM EST
Action - Shooter - Vertical Flight