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LEFT & RIGHT arrows - Move Little man
UP arrow - Little man jumps :)

Aim of the Game:
Jump and Dodge you way through the deathly levels :) to freedaaam!

I was bored in college so I decided to fire up Flash and this is what I came up with.

I know there are bugs and stuff but it was fun to program so I thought why not upload it :)

Enjoy :)


Interesting concept...

But the physics need work.
Also, I feel like the collision needs work as well. I was getting hit by the spinning blades even though I wasn't touching them.


Great idea really! And i dont want to sound like a douche bag but it lacked the fun! Need sound, and theirs a glitch if you keep on going left forever and ever please fix that!

Ammo responds:

Not a douch at all. Feedback which is more then valid. Thanks for the suggestions :)

Not a bad attempt, but get music!

Had a wee play with this, it didnt hold my interest for too long because of lack of music. :( Just throw in some music and soundeffects for when he jumps and dies. Maybe even some soundeffects for the obstacles.

But certainly a sweet little game, keep trying!

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Ammo responds:

Cheers the for review mate :) appreciate your kind words

Not bad

It runs smoothly, but, when you finish a level and moves on to the next one, you should be able to restart in that level when you die, instead of all over again. that really annoyed me.

Graphics are okay, not bad but not great either. And i missed some music, maybe some mario theme would work for this game.

I'd recommend you to work some more with this game, it could be vey good if only you did more out of it (:

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Ammo responds:

Cheers for the review pal. I'll add some music :) and your right, I think Mario music would fit quite well :) I'll give it a go and see how it plays out. Thanks again


why there's no music or soundeffects? And we need action on little man's deaths!))

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Ammo responds:

I completely agree :)

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2.29 / 5.00

Feb 28, 2011
1:53 PM EST
Action - Platformer - Puzzle