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You Shall Know The Truth

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You are a secret agent working to retrieve information from Wikileaks. Can you find all the leaks in time? Follow your orders and fight the enemies of the state!

This game is part of the Wikileaks Stories indie gaming initiative.
http://www.wikileaks-stor ies.com

It was designed and developed by Jonas Kyratzes.
http://www.jonas-kyratzes .net

The game is played with the mouse.
Click on an item to search/take it. Each item takes a certain amount of time to be searched/verified.
Click "Mission" to see a list of the items you need to collect.

Author's Comments:
I don't want to say too much here, because I'd rather not spoil the game. Oh, please do play with the sound on if you can - while the sound isn't essential to finishing the game, it is kind of essential to the game's story.
If you enjoy the game, your support in spreading the word would be greatly appreciated - word of mouth is its best chance of reaching people.


Uhm... M8?

I was kinda trying to get all endings because I thought the game was interesting. Sadly, my third 'ending', led to me being unable to restart the game (You guessed it, I said 'yes, this is the truth). Even though such an ending makes sense in some way, it still is a pain in the ass that I now have to go delete all my cookies'n'stuff just to replay the game... Just sayin'. Except from that, great.

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It's like freaking Salt.

Though we do know more, compared to what we don't know we are but children talking to God.

One more masterpiece

Very good keep up the good work

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The Truth Set Free?

I guess in the end, I didn't know the truth at all.

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Time could be lower.

But hey the story in this is basically the game, and i must say its great. I cannot give a 10 because of the inability to lose, but i also feel i can't take many points away from this because well..im aware that you don't make games to actually give you a huge struggle, there like interactive movies (Or id assume you don't).

Anyways yes i enjoy your work very much, keep it up!
(I was really impressed at that one part with the flashing arrows and all the talking, just like a movie very good!)

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4.37 / 5.00

Feb 28, 2011
12:28 PM EST
Adventure - Point 'n Click