Treton Part 3 Battle Rage

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The two general characters at this time are walking through the complex and meet The Master of Fear. He says that has the intention to kill them and a battle begins.


Pretty awesome cartoon, but it was a bit slow, the guys stood there for ages while stuff was happening, the end battle was actually pretty mad though, i like how you did most of the animation frame by frame, you probably did all of it :P

the turrets at the start are REALLY good, they have awesome bullets and look good :)

Denfng responds:

Ty for review.

Still decent

What I like about this was the animation, which was just flawless. There seemed to even be a lot of different styles that were conflicting at one time. While this didn't have as many characters as the previous entries, it still worked well. The Master of Fear is awesome in terms of design as well. The thing that weighed it down was that some of it just seemed to lag. I don't know if it was something wrong with my computer, but some scenes depicting the same thing just went on too long.

As you use subtitles, it's easy to let the action do the talking. It's pretty incomprehensible, but that works out just fine. The coolest part is probably when the big fight at the end begins. It's stuff like this that makes me wish I knew how to submit a cartoon that has a definite ending with a "Play" button. The detail makes it worth watching.

Denfng responds:

Thank you dude again for your interview. The lag in the animation is caused because it's too heavy for every computer. Im and effect fetishist and I put a lot of blurs and other stuff that make the animation as hard as a modern game and even harder on some moments. I plan these animations to be watched witout the lag after a two or a three years when computers became more powerful. Currently my computer is a beast and he runs the animation without problem but despite that they lag on almost every computer. The next parts will have a credits and an intro so it wont be confusing when it ends. Again ty for ur interview.

move around

alot of your shots stayed in one place too long. sometimes there was no movement at all for 60 sec at a time. cut out the dead space. 3.d. shots looked real good at times. all and all not too bad.

Denfng responds:

Yes i know some of the pictures stay too much in one place. Maybe thats because of my Anime influence. There the characters are like that. Otherwise thank you that u spend some time writing these critics. I accept them as positive and good. Thank you. :]

Consider your mind blown...

An odd piece, but still quite a piece! I haven't seen part 1 or 2 yet, but I'll check them out before the end of the night. I think the only tweak I could suggest is a small fade in the music when the characters are talking. Everything else looked awesome!

Denfng responds:

Thank you. The problem with the voices of the characters is that I kind of decided that It's going to be better to not put the voice in English. Why?
Well Because first- I'm 1 person,
I can't voice too much characters of that fact because they will be with the same voice (mine). That's why I decided to use Tretonian language (Yes I kinda "filmed myself" too much with the Tretonian language). In fiction language I can easily can make my voice different to all the characters with some sound editing programs. So that's nevermind that you can't hear the characters because of the music. They dont speak english anyway. :) Thank You for your 9 in the interview. :)

Nothing to new or intereseting..

Now, the music is a little to loud and the graphic isn't standing out. It's a little bit ugly to look at, if you had pot some effort into it, it could lokk REALLY cool because it's a good plot you got going on. But the music has to be taken down a few lvl's..

Denfng responds:

Sorry for being rude but just see how many light effects and detail backgrounds I have. Just see the chair in the beginning of the animation. Only in it there are more shadows, lines and other details than in your entire animation called "Flora". Just look the walls in the animation and every piece of little detail. For example if u zoom or something u will see thousands of lines, gradients and other details :/ ... I did all my backgrounds on my own for example I didnt use downloaded brushes like u did for the grass and the filter for clouds or something else. Maybe u think that the animation is ugly because the actions are happening in dark place which is not too shiny and colorful. Thanks anyway for the time that u spent typing the advice. And for the music because u said that it is too loud, I agree with u about that. My headphones are a little bit strange and output sound quiet. I guess on other headphones the music is really loud. Sorry If i was too rude but compared to a lot of animations in newgrounds mine is super detailed. Just pissed off! xD

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4.32 / 5.00

Feb 28, 2011
10:29 AM EST