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Sir Henry Studios Intro

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Author Comments

Sir Henry Studios Intro , will be used for all of my animations

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Could use work

I'm no flash artist, but I feel as though the intro was a nice length, but the size is o_oily.

I never saw an intro with so many MB's in my life!

I say compress it, or try something else. I don't really fancy introductions at all, I find them kinda annoying x-X'

But, as for this one, it seemed to be good(though I'm not quite sure what a 'good' introduction could consist of).

Anyways, overall, it needs some work. And some compression.
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Waste of space

Don't get me wrong, it's a really well made introduction, but there is one major problem with the piece - the file size.

If you have an intro that is 4meg in size and a limit of 10 meg, you've used up 40% of the file in just the first few seconds, introducing your "studios", which might not be the best policy. It also sets the bar ridiculously high, when it comes to the standard required from your animation, to follow it up.

With the way that the file is compressed on Newgrounds, it takes away the quality, both of audio and video (though there are other avenues being explored, which may help with that). Making the piece shorter, less intensive with the animation and more direct would help, because you'd not distract people from what's supposed to be happening and getting them straight into the flash. Bear in mind that it'[s the first thing they see, so every time someone watches it, they see it. Some people just use a still for this end. Why not just have the "Sir Henry Studios" bit flash up on screen?

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Well-made indeed

I absolutely like the intro, and I appreciate the detail that went into the 3D artwork, I can only assume that took quite a lot of time. It's not too long, it's not too short, and you get your name out there just fine, it'll be a pretty nice intro to any other animations you make.

Apart from the filesize, there's not much I have to say on it, to be honest. The only thing I can think of is the coo-coo sound the alien makes. It's not really necessary, and just feels cheesy to me.

Good intro

This intro looks pretty good and it also leaves some room for small changes (like adding some stuff here and there for special holidays or something). Also, the intro isn't too long. I always find it boring if I have to sit through an long-ass intro that isn't skipable just to watch a short movie that isn't barely longer than the intro.

However, as others already pointed out. The intro needs to be compressed a lot more. The filesize is 4MB now and it's only the intro here. That doesn't leave that much space for the acutal flash, considering the filesize limit of 10MB per flash. ;)

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Wonderful intro

However if you only plan to use this for small 5-10 minute flashes then it should possibly be compressed a bit to save up on size unless you can get Tom to raise the bar for how big your flash can be. If you plan to have an intro looking this good then you will need the rest to be this good since going from 3D intro to flat 2D flash format just looks bad in most cases.

The animation was pretty cool though and considering it was done in 3D it probably took a few days right? The grass, tree, and logo in background were quite nice. What was the creature walking around for anyways?

The sounds used were quite fitting so I have no issues there except for when it raised its head back for a moment and you hear bird chirping for a moment. Then for some reason it seems as though a few frames got skipped since it's head doesn't lay back down or even fall down, it is just back down without a motion of it falling.

Overall, fancy, needs to be compressed a bit is all.

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sirhenrystudios responds:

thanks, yea this was kid've a prototype, it will be recreated so I can make it smaller, better and more to the point. AS for the head falling part, it's supposed to be exaggerated, My animation style is heavily inspired by older style animation with extremely exaggerated characters and movements. All in all a very suitable and thorough review, thanks.

Credits & Info

3.50 / 5.00

Feb 28, 2011
10:12 AM EST