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Grape Galaxy

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This is a game that I have been working off and on. I'll keep updating.

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Seem's very very basic, you need to make the game more dynamic and fluid and add some depth to it, at the minute it's just *click, click, move mouse a bit* There's no reason to play, there's nothing to grab your attention.

I think the idea of it is good but I suggest adding maybe levels, a more dynamic background and some form of leveling/powerups.

Its a decent idea.

I like the idea of it but a progressive background would be nice and the same buildings pasted in over and over again displeased me.
Now the enemy...they are both the same just one spins dramatically right?

Could work

I assume you're going to include powerups to do something with the gold collected. I see there is some variation with enemies, but would recommend faster progression to avoid it becoming tedious.

Two things about the game as it stands:
- Personally, I find it becomes annoying fast if I have to keep clicking to fire. You might want to consider continuous fire.
- I've stopped playing for some minutes now, the game is still running, lots of enemies on screen and I haven't died yet. This suggests the amount of lives/health can be toned town a bit. This depends in part on whether you're planning to do separate levels or not, and what happens when lives run out (continue/game over?).

Finally, there are a lot of games like this around. This means that (1) though you create a decent game, there will most likely be a better executed version of the concept available; (2) people (myself included) might not be so enthusiastic about the game when it includes only stuff that has all been done before. So: try to come up with an original feature that makes your game stand out from the rest.

Totally read "Rape Galaxy"

It's an interesting game, though it needs work. You've got the skeleton though!

Needs some story, an objective, power-ups, background music, varying enemies, etc etc. You're getting there!

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3.62 / 5.00

Feb 28, 2011
12:56 AM EST