Village of Nightmares

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** UPDATE 8th March 2011 **

We've uploaded a patched version of the game which should address the bugs that people have reported, and it slows down the combat a bit. Thanks for playing!


Post-apocalyptic Russia, 2011; A group of 26 people move into an old abandoned village to try to survive from the hordes of zombies which have taken over the major cities.

In this Zombie Survival Strategy game your goal is to keep your citizens alive for as long as possible. You can directly control your citizens using squad-based strategy controls, instructing them to scavenge, loot, collect and build.

Most of the time the land is peaceful, you can freely explore and scavenge in the snowy flats around your village. But the undead are not far away, each night a zombie attack ensues. Crowds of zombies attack your village - your job is to tell your citizens where to shoot. Move the crosshair onto the approaching zombies and click to shoot them with the weapons that you've collected.

Build a laboratory and work out the correct combination of chemicals to create the cure! Mix the chemicals and test them on your faithful citizens to try to find the cure for the infection!

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Good game! Though the extreme variability of the value of things you loot, and the instant appearance of zombies to eat your citizens (when before they appeared far more slowly and singularly) artificially inflates the difficulty.

1st Try.

I did beat it on the first try. It didn't seem all that hard. Does the game play vary that much from game to game? I even got the cure figured out on the first run. More buildings to explore and build would have been fun. Maybe a greater variety of weapons. Good game though, wouldn't mind seeing part II.

Beat it on the first try

So it´s not impossible. For those who have problems, there is an outomatic rifle in the carpark in the east. Also, try to built the spikes, they help quite a lot.
Found the cure on the first try, guess I got lucky.

And I just love how those little guys walk around doing their work.

this game is

gay tough, the music is good the graphics are ok could be better, the people are too small in my opinion, the zombie assaults are rediculously tough and eff that, but it could be more how about a set of options for how tough it is? Like easy normal and this difficulty, that might be more playable the waves of enemies come too fast for me to care any more about this.

It was ok

I would like it to have an ending.
I made 4 attempts before i managed to end it right, unfortunately the game ends the same if you won or if you lose, the only big difference is that it says that i won, WOW!.
Beside that it was entertaining.

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3.87 / 5.00

Feb 27, 2011
1:55 PM EST
Strategy - Other