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Sonic Gut Feeling

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Author Comments

We like Sonic. Me personally I enjoyed the video games a lot more. This idea is based off the look before you leap. As Sonic gets himself into a serious problem. See how Sonic reacts when he looses his cool.

This cartoon took about 2 months to make. Was to be a fast test video but became more of a project. It was mainly to test out some skills and ides for a much bigger project in the making. Sort of sad it didn't turn out as well as it could. I was animating with Toon Boom and tried to transfer the project to CS4 so I could put up a peloader. But after a long deal of trying to get it pushed over it was compressed and not as clean looking. It was the only way to do it, I promise. So sorry for the compress look. Last time I use Toon Boom on a flash project.
Many thanks for everyone that helped with this.
Update: I hope this fixes the audio problem been at it for a little while.
EDIT: The song "Sonic- Casino Night Zone Piano" was made by DrMackFoxx and John Weeks.
"Front Page" Wow didn't expect this. Thanks Tom Fulp.
Update: Went back improved the video quality. So now you can see all the mistakes I made.


That seriously couldn't have been 17 fucking megs.

I might be able to understand it's huge file size if it weren't for the fact that it's an FLV; FLV's heavily compress any given video format. You mean to tell me that this, what seems to have been only a 3 minute video, was heavier than 17 megs? There's not a lot going on in the animation if anything at all.

Seriously think about it; the animation is not fluid, motion tween was used heavily, for the most part the characters just stand in one place and pretty much nothing ever happens in the background. Yet, you mean to tell me that this poorly animated and disappointing parody is heavier than 5 megs total, without reformatting it into an FLV? Weak.

The jokes themselves weren't funny at all, not because I'm offended, but there's nothing clever about it at all. Sonic gloats for 20 seconds about how great he is while listening to a song dedicated to him, rams into a spike by accident and yells at Tails.

The only part I thought was remotely funny, original or even clever was the chili dog coming to life after being regurgitated [which after plowing a spike through all of your organs, makes no sense] and calling out for other survivors. That was good.

But the rest of the satire was just lame rehashing of old, tired, worn out and overly abused jokes:

Sonic is egotistical
Tails is pathetic
Sonic uses narcotics to enhance his running speed
Sonic's a terrible after school special
Sonic's a fat ass
Sonic and Tails = Ren and Stimpy

Just jokes other people have made, only without their own twists and made of diet product; Sonic parody; light. It's almost as if you found every other Sonic parody to have ever existed and pulled all the one jokes they each shared, removed any differing qualities about them and copy/pasta'd down the absolute basic toil.

And what's this about some software called "Boom Toon"? Dude, drop this piece of shit software because, from what I've seen, it's fucking worthless; just use flash.

Oh and another thing, your audio progresses at it's own framerate indicating that you have it set to "start" rather than "stream"; I noticed because I had it running while writing this review, when I came back to it, I noticed that the audio had grossly misaligned from the animation jumping leaps and bounds ahead of when it was supposed to.

No wait a minute, disregard the above; you have the audio set to "event", meaning that whenever you restart the video, the audio doesn't restart but starts a new loop overlapping the old loop with the new one. Don't believe me? Press the play button; right click; rewind; press the play button again.

Dude seriously, if you're going to format it this way, at least do it fucking right.

Inf act, I'll post it here; upload this to youtube; go to keepvid and download your own video in the FLV format [be sure to select the lowest quality format of the FLV option, for whatever reason the higher settings never work.], then import to flash; bingo, a perfectly fluent, uncomplicated FLV that contains it's own audio so they'll never jump out of alignment with each other.

On a last note before I run myself into 0 characters to continue typing with; why did this get the front fucking page?

This review is insanely well received!


Sonic can i eat the last chili dog? xD

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kalabor106 responds:

That was the part I enjoyed animating the best, okay and voicing. lol

lip stink

oh ho ho ho, clever title
but, seriously, even without the expanded screen, the audio was WAAAAY off.

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kalabor106 responds:

Trying to fix it

strictsly for little kids

I was a ren an stimpy fan and this feels cheap to me.


It was funny, but I think certain parts could have been better. But, was quite better than a number of other videos I have seen.

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