Sonic Gut Feeling

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We like Sonic. Me personally I enjoyed the video games a lot more. This idea is based off the look before you leap. As Sonic gets himself into a serious problem. See how Sonic reacts when he looses his cool.

This cartoon took about 2 months to make. Was to be a fast test video but became more of a project. It was mainly to test out some skills and ides for a much bigger project in the making. Sort of sad it didn't turn out as well as it could. I was animating with Toon Boom and tried to transfer the project to CS4 so I could put up a peloader. But after a long deal of trying to get it pushed over it was compressed and not as clean looking. It was the only way to do it, I promise. So sorry for the compress look. Last time I use Toon Boom on a flash project.
Many thanks for everyone that helped with this.
Update: I hope this fixes the audio problem been at it for a little while.
EDIT: The song "Sonic- Casino Night Zone Piano" was made by DrMackFoxx and John Weeks.
"Front Page" Wow didn't expect this. Thanks Tom Fulp.
Update: Went back improved the video quality. So now you can see all the mistakes I made.


"Sonic" meets "Ren and Stimpy"

Sheesh! The level of violence, blood and grossness certainly made me take a trip down memory lane: back to the Nicktoon known as Ren and Stimpy. Personally, I found the shifting art styles and voice-acting to be fitting for this crazy cartoon.

As another animator who works with video, I certainly recommend not using Flash Video if you can avoid it. In this case, you couldn't avoid using Flash Video easily as you had to work with two incompatible programs. At least the video compression did not hurt the presentation too much and the audio, although it can easily fall out of sync, was pretty clean.

Heck. I ran into the same problem with keeping my sounds in sync with my video in my first stop-motion animation submission to Newgrounds: "Tales From the Toy Chest". It still passed judgment, but ended up with a score of just 2.16 because the audio track kept going off time. Always make sure your sound in Flash is set for "Stream" in your cartoons and movies and not "Event".

At any rate, great job on this, even though it really was a bit... much for my taste. ^_^; 'Twas a rather amusing cartoon, though.

Thanks a lot for using one of my songs, too! :)

P.S.- I gave you a 9 as I could not overlook the audio problems and some of the visual discrepancies because of the video compression.

Nonetheless, good luck with your next project!

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kalabor106 responds:

Thanks for letting us use your soundtrack. Yeah, the sound is a really big pain to work with. I'll have to really take special attention to it next time.
Agree watched a ton of Ren and Stimpy back in the day. It was great stuff.
Anyhow thanks for watching it and giving me your thoughts on the flash.

Rofl, Cant wait for part two?~

X3 I want a part two.

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kalabor106 responds:

All in good time ;)


There was a suprising amount of stuff here! Great character dialogue and voices, laughable moments, and long enough to satisfy. Yes, just long enough to satisfy...

Keep up the great work!

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YAY for gore!

Yay for gore and nasty stuff!!

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it was ok

the animation and art were good, however the humor made no sense, and the video was a few minutes too long, and got very boring fast. There was nothing going on in the animation, just talking about random stuff that didn't contribute to the joke. It was basically like a bad M. Night Shyamalan movie.

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3.68 / 5.00

Feb 26, 2011
5:34 PM EST
Comedy - Parody