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WIP - Design IV

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Author Comments

Hey, guys, this is my first submission to Newgrounds and one of the first flash pieces I've ever done!
Originally I'd composed and colored a design made entirely out of typography (everything made out of letters/numbers instead of lines/shapes) in Photoshop, but when a school project called for a flash experimentation, I took the original outline and painted away!

Unfortunately, this is a Work In Progress, I haven't learned enough yet to add a Start button or to include MP3 music yet, but when that happens, I'll be sure to post that too!


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good start

Although this isn't really something people are going to want to watch it is a good start to animation, the guy looks kinda like Terrance and Philip from south park

An allright start

For the music, it's just to import it into flash. Nothing tricky about that, just go to File -> Import -> Import to library (or stage) and then drag the mp3 file into the flash (I suggets you have created one layer for music)

Now for the main animation, it wasn't very high tech or anything, but I know what it feels like to try out a program and kinda dont know anything about it. For a guy that just got into flash, I'm not disappointed, I'm a little impressed. Watch my flash animation, it's my second flash animation (in my whole life) and I haven't started animation in school yet (but, the school that I'm attending to isn't a school for animation, more media, web-design, photo)

And! If you REALLY want to be good in flash, I suggest you take a look at Chluaid. He got som pretty sick animation (everything is done in flash, he changed program now, but his older work is done only in flash). And type "Flash Animation" on Youtube. See what others have done and try and find something that's suited for you. I'm currently learning only by tutorials and trying things out.

Hope this was to some help, not much to be said about the animation, maybe have a plot in the next one? and perhaps some music now that I told you how to do it.

LadyPhantom responds:

The problem with the music is that I don't have Flash at home, so if I need an MP3 file I kind of have to sneak it in xD

In the main animation, I I mostly wanted to play with Keyframes and layers and get a feel for the sequencing- far too much time spent in crappy programs like HyperStudio can kind of mess with how you animate :D

I'll definitely take a look, I love discovering new artists! Currently, I've been looking into some of the more famous NG Members like Kirbopher and Legendary Frog for inspiration, but the more the merrier!

Thank you for your review!


u just ave to go to the downloads page at the top and pres reloaders from newgrounds just download it and it will tell u what to do when u open it on flash

I Like :D

Well Done! This is great but could have done with music. I know you didn't want to because of copyright (Or you couldn't be bothered) but you could get some from the portal or find a non- copyrighted song. but thats a lot of work but overall, don't know why but i like this 9/10 :D

LadyPhantom responds:

The copyright wasn't the issue with the music, it was mainly trying to get the MP3 file to school and not get caught xD I don't have Flash at home, so sometimes getting that kind of stuff done is easier said than done.
Thank you for your review!


I honestly thought i was watching a loading screen until it started again.

Credits & Info

3.64 / 5.00

Feb 25, 2011
3:30 PM EST