Shoved to Fake Ground

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This time I did another Mischief Short (experimental) and with the same style from The Number 4 Collab, I'm trying to achieve a goal to a great score for this one. PLEASE!

Next Goal: Awesome Score



Not bad, the it looked smooth, Id suggest avoiding tweens as a primary source of body movement, throw in some frame by frame to make it look fancier. Work on that art style and the animation will follow. Keep at it man B)


Good work man, nice colours and a smooth animation. Your art style reminds me of a more detailed "Cyanide and Happiness" with the facial expressions :) The music needs a little change though as to agree with Sevens, and the idea of a short you're able to send is pretty awesome. Keep up the good work and keep practicing man :D


First I have to say, your animation and use of colors is good- you have an eye for what you wanted in your animation- but for humor... it could of had more to it, the music did not go with the mood at all... if it were light and then the person pushed the other off and switch the music to something extreme- then that would of been cool. If this were a short to send someone as a "Thinking of You"- like the comment below.
Then yes this is acceptable, do a combination of shorts like this in a compilation then Awesome! You got something. I will give you a high rating because you have potential okay? Keep it going and I will keep a lookout on you!


At the end it should say "Thinking of You"

I would send it to my friends.

Natty23 responds:

Why thank you.

Another 15 second BS movie?

What is with this short attention span crap that's flooding newgrounds? Is anyone capable of making anything at least 2 minutes long? And if your video is pure comedic slapstick, why not add more than one funny event? After all, the Three Stooges didn't just do one eye-poke and then roll the credits. Seriously... challenge yourself to create a chain of events that is funny if slapstick is your goal.

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1.75 / 5.00

Feb 25, 2011
1:57 PM EST