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World Of Text

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WOT is an interactive RPG. You move your stick-hero throughout the world, select the arrows near the edges of the game screen and you will move into the adjacent TILE. Press on different CPU to talk to them and accept quests. You may get stuck at some point in the game, so take a blanket bombing approach and check everything; you will be surprised and rewarded at what you find!

Town Tile
Mountain Tile
Forest Tile
Connector Tile

Hogley (Citizens)


Current Quest Screen

Click The Instructions menu in-game for more.

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This game is not complete. There are areas that you can not reach on the map. You need to include sound and music. There should be more content.

:0 Wut!

the arrows are broken...and there is like,NO SOUND AT ALL c'mon really this game looks fun but i can't play it cuz of all the bugs!


THIS game i checked it out in february, and now in october there are STILL 2 reviews, well lol imma give it a five + add this review.

Good idea, but...

...It's barely accessible. I can't find anything required for the quests and the person below me is right, you can't even access all areas of the map. Also, it looks a tad boring, if it's going to be black and white at least use shades of grey for the background, and of course, you must have music! Or sound effects at least. Also, the grammar was poor as well as the spelling. I'm not ripping this thing up, believe me it has loads of potential, but you haven't delivered.

I seriously suggest you complete it more, it could be really good!


Cannot access all areas of the map, even if there are arrows saying you can click there. This has some major bugs that need fixing before even the beta phase of the project. Nice to know, however, that some games can be less than 100k.