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The sequel Everstar has been released, play it here now!
http://www.newgrounds.com /portal/view/599005

Everspace is a completely open ended "sandbox" game, Although there are no objectives or concrete game play you can explore space with realistic gravity and orbits, all planets, moons and stars and nebula's are completely randomly generated and you will never find the completely same planet and it is completely infinite.

I had bigger plans for this game but i ran into many problems with the current engine and unfix-able glitches that were very discouraging. Thats why the "game" has really no goals and there are no objectives or really any "game play" but i really didn't want the engine to sit and waste on my HD so i decided to polish it up and release a game that at least some people could enjoy.

Read about my upcoming projects at:

http://talismanfusion.tum blr.com/

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i t i s f u n
b u t i keep crashing

My God This Is Amazing The Art And Music Are Good But The Planets And Stars Could Use More Vairity Of Colors And Textures I Would Really Enjoy That But For Now 4 Stars Im Really Enteristed In Seeing This Game Grow :D

unbelivable responds:

Try out Everstar for the sequel!

hmmm..good game..very good

Art...or just a none-game?

Looks great!
Sounds great!
Fells awesome!
Physics are good!
No objective = not a game, maybe an interactive movie?
No story = hardly a movie.
So this must be best described with the A-word.
f**k that. I`m just trying to explain to myself why I like this.
I canĀ“t decide how to rate this, but since the music made my body levitate 2 inches over my chair while I wrote this, I give you Max points!

Deep, very deep,

Space, the final frontier!!! The music was perfect for this game, and I mean Perfect. I nice story would go great with this. and maybe everytime you come to a planet/star/nebula/etc. It will tell a little story or a fact about what your passing by.

Controls are a bit buggy, graphics ok. Nice job