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Hey guys! if you like this game.... oh wait! I already know you love this game! so I wont be able to give you part 2 until I get to be an member of newgrounds! because part 2 is over 10 MB. and I'm limited to 10 MB until I become a member and be able to upload how much space I want!

I'm not going to tell you to give this a good score! but if you want part 2 you know what to do ; )

I know there wasn't many check points but I also had to delete some parts just to be able to upload this. there was training mode but had to delete it. and some other stuff.

Devil May Cry 3 107 battle-1 (battle music 1)



You just blew my mind away. I love this game and I can't wait for the sequels. It was amazing and you just left me in suspense.

Finally!! :D

This is an EPIC WIN !
I'm always bitching about games lacking creativity or just being copycats; well, now i've got an awesome interactive movie! Fuck yeah!
Putting aside the plot, wich is pretty inconsistent atm, and the stick figures solution, i find this flash pretty fresh! It's quick, fun and gives you the right mediation between a classic action game and a flash movie.
Thumbs up for you man!
hope you get the time and resources for better graphics, that would be great!
Btw, all you newgrounders, this is why i give low ratings to other games, because they're based on old concepts without even trying something new!
Take lessons from this guy, at least the concept that is using is more fresh and effective than yours!

CooliSushi responds:

wow thank you! when I read this it almost made me cry. but instead I smalled. : )

thank you for this!


This is great! It's like you really are in the flash! Keep it up, and I hope you will be able to put up part 2 soon.

not bad...in fact I like it!

I liked it, and I really hope to see you develop your skills even more because you certainly have the potential. but given the music, and quite a lot of the moves done by the character, I think I'll just call this "Stick May Cry". let's just hope smc2 is better than dmc2.

CooliSushi responds:

LOL! you are funny sir! but thank you!


it gets i gave it a good score, make a second one!

CooliSushi responds:

Thank you sir!

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4.16 / 5.00

Feb 23, 2011
4:47 PM EST
Skill - Typing